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  1. Welcome to the new edition of the charts thread ! 5 number one hits 17 top 10 hits 34 entries The Fame (Monster) Format: Album Release Date: August 19, 2008 / November 18, 2009 Worldwide Sales: 15,745,000 CSPC: 36,271,000 Peak : #2 Metacritic Score: 71 The Fame Monster (EP) Format: Album Release Date: November 18, 2009 Worldwide Sales: 2,130,000 Peak : #5 Metacritic Score: 78 Born This Way Format: Album Release Date: May 23, 2011 Worldwide Sales: 6,725,000 CSPC: 12,881,000 Peak : #1 Metacritic Score: 71 ARTPOP Format: Album Release Date: November 11, 2013 Worldwide Sales: 2,135,000 CSPC: 4,408,000 Peak : #1 Metacritic Score: 61 Cheek to Cheek Format: Album Release Date: September 19, 2014 Worldwide Sales: 1,375,000 CSPC: 1,760,000 Peak : #1 Metacritic Score: 64 Joanne Format: Album Release Date: October 21, 2016 Worldwide Sales: 1,300,000 CSPC: 3,098,000 Peak : #1 Metacritic Score: 67 A Star Is Born (Soundtrack) Format: Soundtrack Release Date: October 5, 2018 Worldwide Sales: 3,255,000 CSPC: 8,290,000 Peak : #1 Metacritic Score: 78 Chromatica Format: Album Release Date: May 29, 2020 Worldwide Sales: 800,000 CSPC: 2,773,000 Peak : #1 Metacritic Score: 79 Awards & Achievements 571 AWARDS / 821 NOMINATIONS ACHIEVEMENTS 18 Video Music Awards 6 #1 Albums 12 Grammy Awards 5 #1 Singles 10 European Music Awards 70m Albums (CSPC) 7 Billboard Music Awards 36m Albums Sold (pure) 3 Brit Awards 129m Singles Sold (pure) 2 Golden Globes 32 Billion Streams 1 BAFTA Award $612M Tour Gross 1 Oscar $320M Net Worth 3 Emmy Nominations Billboard 'Woman of the Year' 2015 CFDA Fashion Icon Award Jane Ortner Artist Award Songwriters' Hall of Fame 'Contemporary Icon Award'9 Americans for the Arts - Young Artist Award '15 Super Bowl National Anthem 2016 Super Bowl Halftime 2017 Performed for 1 million people in Times Square Coachella 2017 Stream Gaga's newest album https://open.spotify.com/search/dawn of chromatica/tracks
  2. WELCOME TO THE K-POP DISCUSSION THREAD! Discuss your favourite idols/groups, bias’ and new releases here. Keep it cute. Who’s your favourite group? Your bias? Favourite song? Favourite comeback?
  3. Welcome to another of my All Things thread! Discuss about the economy and stocks/funds you think we should be looking out for.
  4. Forum classic! Post what you're listening to rn! Can be a single, song, album, playlist. Whatever you are listening to!
  5. Hello everyone! I’ve decided to create a thread that focuses on politics outside of the U.S. so feel free to share any news or articles and starting discussions pertaining to politics from any country! To start off the thread I wanted to share the recent development in Spain, where their parliament just passed a bill legalizing euthanasia.
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I live in Portland, ME and I’m pretty passionate about US Politics and I really wanted to create a thread where we could come here to just discuss and post about the recent news that we’re hearing about. Also if you’re not completely knowledgeable, DON’T BE SHY. No judging here and we can all share knowledge and thoughts I don’t want anyone discouraging people from entering this thread Thank you everyone and, and cheers to a hopefully very successful next 4 years under President Biden 2022 US Senate Election Map (Nov 8, 2022) Map Of the Incumbents Democratic incumbent Republican incumbent Republican retiring No election Democrats are defending 14 seats Republicans are defending 20 seats (Need +1) for majority In contrast to 2018 where Democrats were defending 10 seats in states that Trump won in 2016, Democrats hold NO SEATS in any state that had been won by Trump in 2020. Meanwhile, the GOP is defending two seats (WI & PA) in states President Biden won in 2020 Top 10 Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip in 2022 1) Pennsylvania - The biggest development in the Keystone State, which remains the seat most likely to flip partisan control, was Trump earlier this month wading into the GOP primary to replace retiring Sen. Pat Toomey. He backed Army veteran Sean Parnell, who lost a 2020 House bid to Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb (who's running for the Democratic nod for this seat). But rather than doing anything to clear the field, the endorsement may be making this race more ugly, with businessman Jeff Bartos launching personal attacks on Parnell. Democrats are happy to see Republicans go after each other, while they attack the GOP on issues ranging from partisan audits to abortion restrictions. Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, for example, who's running with the backing of EMILY's List and 314 Action, has been outspoken about the threat to abortion rights and the importance of the Supreme Court. Republicans, however, think a national environment that looks worse for Biden could help them hold onto this seat, especially with the biggest fundraiser in the race pushing the party to the left on some issues. "Stop apologizing for the space we take up as a party and ram some stuff through and get it done," Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman told CNN in a recent interview about his strong belief in eliminating the filibuster. That's just what Republicans want to hear as they look to attack him as too extreme for this purple state. Still, Democrats have the edge in a state that Biden carried in 2020. 2) Georgia - Former football star Herschel Walker, the man who was freezing the Republican field in Georgia for months, finally launched his Senate campaign late last month, which was quickly followed by an unsurprising Trump endorsement. The former President is holding a rally in the Peach State this weekend, where he's sure to share his thoughts on candidates up and down the ballot there as he seeks revenge on Republicans whom he thinks were insufficiently supportive of his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, who's tried to attack Walker, is still running for the GOP nomination, as are a handful of others. But Sen. Raphael Warnock, who's running for a full six-year term, is glad to have the Democratic field to himself as he raises money for what's sure to be a hotly competitive general election race, regardless of how the GOP primary shakes out. After winning the presidential contest here, as well as two Senate runoffs that flipped the balance of the chamber, Democrats are hopeful that a competitive governor's race -- and especially a potential Stacey Abrams candidacy -- will help juice turnout in a non-presidential election year. 3) Wisconsin - Is Ron Johnson running for a third term? At this point, given his penchant for saying controversial things about the 2020 election, the January 6 insurrection, the coronavirus and vaccines, Democrats seem to be just as happy running against the two-term Republican as they would be if he retired and this were an open seat. Only 35% of Wisconsin voters viewed Johnson favorably in a Marquette University Law School poll from mid-August, while 42% viewed him unfavorably. But his lowest net favorability was in November 2015, the year before he came from behind to win a second term. Republicans point to that 2016 election to argue that Johnson, who previously promised to serve only two terms, has been discounted before. While ambitious Republicans wait in the wings to see what Johnson will do, Democrats have a very crowded field. Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes recently picked up a high-profile progressive endorsement in Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 4) Arizona - Mark Kelly unseated GOP Sen. Martha McSally, Republicans are still litigating the 2020 election here. Attorney General Mark Brnovich had earned Trump's ire for not doing enough to audit the state's election results, despite there being no evidence of fraud. Since then, Brnovich has leaned into the partisan review pushed by the GOP-led state Senate, threatening to withhold funds from Maricopa County because he alleged the county's supervisors did not fully respond to a subpoena for the so-called audit. And earlier this month, Brnovich announced the state is suing the Biden administration for "federal overreach" over the President's vaccine mandates. Democrats are happy to have Republicans attacking each other -- and pushing each other to the right -- as Kelly wracks up money. They're hoping that 2020 election denialism, while perhaps an important litmus test in the GOP primary, will be unpalatable to general election voters next November. Republicans, however, contend that issues like immigration will be of far greater importance next fall, which is why they've been attacking Kelly on the border and trying to use fellow Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as a moderate foil to make him look too liberal. 5) North Carolina - Trump endorsed Rep. Ted Budd in a surprise announcement in front of other contenders. But former Gov. Pat McCrory and former Rep. Mark Walker aren't backing down. Meanwhile, the political arm of the Conservative Club for Growth, which has stood by Budd since helping him emerge from a 17-way House primary in 2016, is taking the airwaves to attack McCrory, arguing that he cannot win because he lost reelection in 2016 when Trump won the state. Walker has tried to make a similar argument about McCrory, while both he and McCrory have piled on Budd. Trump carried the state by just over a point in 2020, making this potentially competitive terrain even if Republicans start with the early advantage. State Sen. Jeff Jackson, who's been in the race since January, had raised the most money on the Democratic side by the end of the second quarter. But former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, who joined the race in late April, raised $1.3 million during the second quarter. Besides EMILY's List, she has the backing of Higher Heights PAC, which works to elect progressive Black women, and the political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus, reflecting the enthusiasm for a non-White male candidate helping turn out minority voters in a non-presidential year, especially in some of the rural areas where Republicans have continued to hold an advantage. 6) New Hampshire - As Republicans grow more excited about Gov. Chris Sununu possibly running for Senate, Democrats are finding more reasons to argue that electing a Republican at the federal level in New Hampshire isn't the same as electing one to serve in Concord. They're largely turning to abortion to make that case, highlighting a budget the governor signed that included abortion restrictions and the Executive Council's recent vote to defund Planned Parenthood and family planning providers. Despite the state trending blue at the federal level, Republicans are convinced that first-term Sen. Maggie Hassan is highly vulnerable, and both sides admit this race isn't likely to look like 2020, when Sen. Jeanne Shaheen won reelection by nearly 16 points. But Sununu keeps pushing back his timeline for making a decision about running, so, for now, Hassan has the race largely to herself. She released her first TV ad earlier this month -- a positive spot that touches on her father's service in World War II and her own work for veterans. Even if the governor doesn't run, however, Hassan could have a strong challenger in former Sen. Kelly Ayotte, whom the Democrat beat by just over 1,000 votes in 2016. 7) Nevada - Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto finally has a high-profile opponent in former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, whom national Republicans had long eyed as the top challenger but who officially launched his campaign at the end of August. He's the rare GOP candidate who was recruited by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and has Trump's endorsement, making it more likely he'll have the GOP field mostly to himself as other ambitious Republicans jockey for the gubernatorial nomination. As Tump's campaign co-chair in the Silver State, Laxalt followed the former President's lead on false charges of voter fraud, for which Trump praised him in offering his endorsement last month. Democrats are hoping his embrace of Trump's election fraud narrative will help tie him to the former President and turn off voters in a state that Biden carried last fall. His position on abortion could be also be litigated in the general election, especially since Nevada has a history of GOP leaders who have been more supportive of abortion rights. Democrats hope to argue that Laxalt is out of touch with voters on the issue. Still, Biden only carried the Silver State by just over 2 points, and Cortez Masto is running for her first reelection, so Democrats aren't taking anything for granted here, especially with an uncertain post-pandemic electorate. 8) Florida - GOP Sen. Marco Rubio starts with the advantage in this state that Trump carried by 3 points last year. But Democratic Rep. Val Demings, who outraised Rubio in the second quarter, is proving to be a strong fundraiser who could give the Republican senator a real race. Rubio is trying to tie Demings to "the socialist squad" and Democrats' physical and human infrastructure bills. Rubio voted against the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill in the Senate last month. Demings has attacked Rubio for traveling to Iowa late last month while Florida is dealing with the Delta variant surge. 9) Ohio - GOP Sen. Rob Portman's decision to retire has opened up a crowded GOP primary, with most contenders trying to "outTrump" each other in a state the former President won by 8 points. State Sen. Matt Dolan, who entered the race this week, cuts a more moderate profile. He supports the bipartisan infrastructure bill that Portman negotiated, according to an interview with Cleveland.com, and has been critical of Trump's election lies. Trump already attacked Dolan, whose family owns Cleveland's baseball team, for "cancel culture" because they decided to change the team's name. Former state treasurer Josh Mandel has been courting that conservative base hard, attacking refugees despite his own family history. JD Vance has been leading in media attention and is wracking up endorsements from conservative leaders like Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, the chair of the largest conservative caucus in the House. Those endorsements could help compensate for his prior criticism of Trump, which his opponents are eager to use against him. On the Democratic side, Rep. Tim Ryan recently got a challenge from his left in Morgan Harper, who's arguing that she can drive the minority turnout needed to turn Ohio blue. Harper lost a 2020 primary challenge to Rep. Joyce Beatty, who's now the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and has backed Ryan. 10) Missouri - Missouri continues to occupy the 10th spot on this list because of the chance that the Republican nominee to replace retiring Sen. Roy Blunt will give Democrats an opening. But it would be a massively uphill climb for Democrats to flip this seat blue in a state that Trump won by 15 points. Their best hope is former Gov. Eric Greitens, who resigned from office following a probe into allegations of sexual and campaign misconduct, winning the GOP nomination and creating a Todd Akin situation. The 2012 Senate nominee's "legitimate rape" comments cost Republicans the Missouri Senate seat and imperiled GOP nominees across the country. Greitens, who has been picking up endorsements from Trump world hardly has the field to himself. Attorney General Eric Schmitt is running, with his super PAC allies leaning into his suit against mask mandates in schools to tout his candidacy. Reps. Billy Long and Vicky Hartzler are also running, as is Mark McCloskey, whom the Republican governor pardoned last month after he and his wife had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges for pointing guns at protesters near their home last summer. While GOP voters will have plenty of candidates to choose from, more candidates means a more splintered vote, which could lower the threshold it takes for Greitens to win the nomination. Note: For a more detailed description of the 34 senate seats up for grabs in 2022 including major candidates for each seat and a breakdown of other potential battleground states please see the spoiler below!
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/dialect-quiz-map.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur Take this quiz to find out! (only applicable to Americans obviously but non-Americans can still take it for fun)
  8. The school you currently attend or the last school you attended
  9. I'm a huge Halloween person! I decorate the exterior and interior of my house and throw a Halloween party every year. I also listen to Halloween music and watch Halloween-themed/horror movies all throughout the month
  10. VERY random topic but honestly I miss when we could discuss random things as a thread so I’m doing it Who else could you see singing Heavy Metal Lover? Personally, as weird as it may sound, I see Lana Del Rey singing it VERY well, let me explain. 1. The lyrics: ”I want your whisky mouth all over my blonde south” ”Let’s raise hell in the streets, drink beer and get into trouble” ”I could be your girl, girl, girl. Girl, girl, girl but would you love me if I ruled the world, world, world?” ”Whip me, slap me, punk funk New York clubbers bump drunk Dark the liquorice, bar slam Move it this is your jam Wash the night with St. Jam-eson Like a baptism” All VERY Lana from 2012-15 and possibly 2019 2. Melody: The song itself stays consistently in the F Minor scale while using harmonic majors within the vocoder bridge. To me this is what makes the song sound so emotional and sad, when I first heard it I felt so heartbroken, I didn’t care the lyrics were about drunk bumping, it just sounded so sad and I loved it, it sounded like a song I would hear in the car late at night while driving around a city, that kind of nostalgic feeling ontop of the emotional Melodie’s displayed though the lines “Heavy Metal Lover” and “I could be your girl, girl, girl”. Overall, melodically this song is perfect for Lana and the vibe she brings which makes me feel like it could be even more perfect if she sang this Could you also see Lana Del Rey singing Heavy Metal Lover? Or do you see someone different entirely singing it?
  11. Welcome to the All Things Sports thread! This thread will focus on any and all sports so feel free to post and discuss anything that pertains to a sport you like or follow.
  12. Is this real! Adele said she wouldn’t name this album after her age, buttt….. https://pitchfork.com/news/adele-return-possibly-teased-with-30-billboards/
  13. A classic that will never get old Fantasy, Underneath The Stars, One Sweet Day, Always Be My Baby, Open Arms, Long Ago, Melt Away, Forever and Looking In alone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thoughts?
  14. thread inspired by this tweet
  15. Also what games are you currently playing right now? I'm currently addicted to Mobile Legends, League of Legends and Pokemon Unite. How about you?
  16. A CLASSIC!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Still sounds FRESH today! Thoughts?
  17. Title says it all. After seeing who the greatest female dancers are , now let's see who the greatest female vocalists are! Who do you think is the best female vocalist in music? Mariah Carey: Whitney Houston: Celine Dion: Beyoncé: Aretha Franklin: Lady Gaga: Barbra Streisand: P!nk: Ariana Grande: Christina Aguilera: So?
  18. Title says it all. Who do you think is the best female dancer in music? Janet Jackson Paula Abdul Jennifer Lopez Ciara Madonna Prime Britney Tinashe Beyoncé Mya Shakira So?
  19. @KatieJudasGaga4 Has done it again with a new video! This time ranking the DOC tracks
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