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  1. Welcome to the official thread for all things related to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics! They begin on July 23.
  2. What are your favorite misheard lyrics? Are there songs you misheard the lyrics? This thread is all about that! Post them here and lets start the fun :) To get into the mood, I'll post my all time favorite misheard lyrics video: Enjoy! XD
  3. Would you be here for Gaga to continue the Chromatica era with Free Woman as next single?
  4. I like movies and I'm guessing other people might, too. So I thought it would be nice to have an ongoing thread where we can talk about what films we're currently watching and whether they're any good or not!
  5. That album that will never get old to you no matter how many times you play it and/or your go-to album whenever you don’t know what to play! Mine would have to be Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I live in Portland, ME and I’m pretty passionate about US Politics and I really wanted to create a thread where we could come here to just discuss and post about the recent news that we’re hearing about. Also if you’re not completely knowledgeable, DON’T BE SHY. No judging here and we can all share knowledge and thoughts I don’t want anyone discouraging people from entering this thread Thank you everyone and, and cheers to a hopefully very successful next 4 years under President Biden 2022 US Senate Election Map (Nov 8, 2022) Map Of the Incumbents Democratic incumbent Republican incumbent Republican retiring No election Democrats are defending 14 seats Republicans are defending 20 seats (Need +1) for majority In contrast to 2018 where Democrats were defending 10 seats in states that Trump won in 2016, Democrats hold NO SEATS in any state that had been won by Trump in 2020. Meanwhile, the GOP is defending two seats (WI & PA) in states President Biden won in 2020 Top 10 Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip in 2022 1) Pennsylvania - As an open seat that Biden carried last fall, Pennsylvania remains the seat most likely to flip in 2022 with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey not running for reelection. Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman raised about $4 million in the first quarter -- an impressive haul for the first three months of the off-year. But the former Braddock mayor is still going to have competition for the Democratic nomination. He got a reminder of that late last month when the current mayor of the western Pennsylvania town endorsed one of his opponents, state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta from Philadelphia, who raised just $374,000 in the first quarter. The field is still growing, with Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh launching her campaign earlier this month. EMILY's List, the pro-abortion rights powerhouse, backed Val Arkoosh,The group is often a powerful player in Democratic primaries, including in another Democratic Senate primary here in 2016. Members of the congressional delegation, like Reps. Conor Lamb, Chrissy Houlahan and Madeleine Dean, are eyeing the race. Most of the Republican sparring has been between Army veteran Sean Parnell, who ran and lost against Lamb last year, and Jeff Bartos, a wealthy businessman who loaned his campaign $400,000 during the first quarter. 2) Georgia - Months after twin Senate runoffs here flipped control of the Senate to Democrats, Georgia continues to be the center of the political universe, this time with a controversial election law that has led major corporations to boycott the state and the President to condemn it as "Jim Crow in the 21st century." While voting rights advocates say the law makes it harder to vote for Black Georgians -- a key part of Democrats' winning constituency in this longtime red state -- it may also embolden minority voters to turn out, which has traditionally been a problem for Democrats in midterms. That would all be good news for Sen. Raphael Warnock, who won this seat by just 2 points in the January special runoff election and is running for a full six-year term. He's already well-positioned financially, heading into the second quarter with $5.6 million in the bank. Walker teased a campaign with a June 17 video of him revving the engine of a car with Peach State license plates (in a garage). "I'm getting ready," the former NFL running back said. Trump said in a radio interview last week that Walker told him he's decided to run. GOP strategists, however, are nervous about a risky candidate jeopardizing a must-win seat. Other Republicans are still testing the waters. Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who lost to Warnock in the January runoff, recently tweeted about meeting with Trump. And she met with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, too, telling CNN in mid June, "I haven't ruled it out." Rep. Buddy Carter, who's friends with Walker, is waiting to see what Walker does before making a decision. While everyone waits on Walker, national Republicans are not wasting time attacking one of their top targets. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has hit Warnock on TV for supporting the For the People Act, the sweeping voting and elections bill they dub "the welfare for politicians plan" (because of a public financing provision). 3) Wisconsin - GOP Sen. Ron Johnson remains very vulnerable as the only incumbent running for reelection in a state carried by the opposite party's presidential nominee in 2020. And he doesn't seem to be doing himself any favors, giving voice to an elongating string of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and the January 6 insurrection. But he still hasn't said whether he's running for reelection. He raised about $545,000 in the first three months of the year after ending 2020 with just half a million dollars in the bank. His quarterly haul is much less than he had raised during the same period the last time he was facing reelection (about $1.3 million in the first quarter of 2015.) A prominent Republican is pushing him to stick around: "Run, Ron, Run!" Trump said in a statement earlier this month. If Johnson doesn't run, Republicans will be in the same boat as Democrats -- trying to navigate a late primary, which could suck up candidate resources ahead of what's sure to be an expensive general election. On the Democratic side, Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry raised about $1 million (including a $50,000 personal loan) after getting into the race mid-quarter. Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson, a former lieutenant governor nominee, raised about $264,000. 4) Arizona - Mark Kelly, who just won this seat last fall, raised $4.4 million in the first quarter for his quest to win a full six-year term. Kelly only won by about 2 points and Biden only narrowly carried the Grand Canyon State last year, so it's by no means a slam dunk for Democrats to hold this seat. Republicans are no longer without candidates to take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, who is running for a full six-year term after winning last fall. Several contenders have recently jumped in the race, including Attorney General Mark Brnovich, with others still considering. That's a relief to party operatives who feared that without Gov. Doug Ducey running, they'd be left scrambling in one of their top pick-up opportunities. But Democrats are gleefully anticipating a messy primary, where Republicans are forced to cater to the Trump base (and show support for a partisan-driven audit), only to have to make a quick pivot to a general election audience next fall. Still, Republicans believe Kelly, an astronaut and the husband of former Rep. Gabby Giffords, is beatable -- despite his compelling personal story and impressive fundraising. That's because he'll have a voting record this time -- and the national party is already trying to use that against him. Republicans are also using the state's other Democratic senator, moderate Kyrsten Sinema, as a foil to try to make Kelly look too liberal. "Stand with Senator Sinema against the liberal partisans," blared one recent ad about the filibuster from the outside GOP-aligned group One Nation. 5) North Carolina - Democrats have fallen short in North Carolina Senate races lately, and Republicans feel better about holding a seat in this Trump state than they do in either Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. But with Sen. Richard Burr not running again, there's more of a chance Democrats could pick it off. The biggest news in North Carolina was Trump's surprise endorsement of Rep. Ted Budd to succeed retiring Sen. Richard Burr. Trump did it on stage at the state GOP convention just minutes after his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, said she was passing on the race. Budd, a gun store and range owner, emerged from a 17-way primary in 2016, winning his House seat with the backing of the Club for Growth, which is supporting him in this race, too. But Trump's endorsement isn't clearing the field in this race. Former Gov. Pat McCrory and former Rep. Mark Walker, who were both in the crowd when Trump made his announcement, are still running. On the Democratic side, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley has the backing of EMILY's List. But state Sen. Jeff Jackson and former state Sen. Erica Smith are still running too. 6) New Hampshire - First-term Sen. Maggie Hassan is still without a top tier challenger, but this race moves up one spot on the list. Republicans know exactly who they want to run here -- and even if he doesn't do it, the GOP may have a back up. Gov. Chris Sununu had originally said he'd make a decision after the end of the legislative session in June, but he seems to have pushed back his timeline, telling "Good Morning New Hampshire" last month, "I won't make a decision for a really long time." He does have time -- Hassan, in her last run, didn't announce until October 2015 -- and unlike some other candidates making up their minds in other states, he doesn't need to introduce himself to voters since he's the sitting governor. In the event he doesn't run, former Sen. Kelly Ayotte -- who lost to Hassan by just 1,017 votes in 2016 -- could run instead. Republicans are convinced that Hassan, herself a former two-term governor, isn't as well-defined as she should be. They're trying to attack her for backing the For the People Act (also going after the public finance part of the legislation). But it's not just her record that's being attacked. Democrats think Sununu just handed them a potent weapon with his signature of a budget with new abortion restrictions. They argue that could be politically perilous for a Republican in a state that voted for Biden by 7 points and has trended more blue in federal elections recently. 7) Nevada - Nevada slides down the list because first-term Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, the country's first Latina senator, largely has this race to herself, with Republicans waiting on former Attorney General Adam Laxalt to get in. Biden carried Nevada by less of a margin than he did New Hampshire -- only 2 points -- but Laxalt doesn't quite have the profile of Sununu and it's not clear the GOP has a back-up option here. Republicans think he could motivate the base and gain traction as a former statewide elected official, while Democrats are eager to tie him to Trump and his efforts to overturn the election. 8) Florida - Trump's endorsement of the incumbent likely removes one major headache that Sen. Marco Rubio could have faced: a Trumpier primary challenger, who, at the very least, could have cost Rubio some extra money defending himself, and in the worst case scenario for Republicans, put the seat at greater risk. But with the former President (and Florida resident) behind Rubio, Republicans feel good about this seat even though Trump only carried the state by 3 points, less than he won Ohio. The two-term senator starts the race with the advantage, and some Republicans think they dodged a bullet when Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a more moderate Democrat, passed on the race. But Democratic Rep. Val Demings is now running, giving GOP Sen. Marco Rubio a formidable opponent (assuming she wins the Democratic primary). Demings, a former social worker and Orlando police chief who was a vice presidential contender for Biden, brings a strong profile to the race -- one that could potentially blunt the ubiquitous Republican attacks on Democrats for being soft on crime and wanting to "defund the police." 9) Ohio - Trump's strength in Ohio (he carried the state by 8 points in 2016 and 2020) is a clear sign of its partisan lean. But with Portman announcing in January that he won't seek a third term, Democrats have a better shot at flipping the seat. While the Democratic field may be shrinking here, the Republican field is growing bigger -- and messier -- as candidates trip over each other to claim the Trump mantle in a state he won comfortably twice. The most public sparring has been between former state Treasurer Josh Mandel and former state party chair Jane Timken, but there are others who are tying themselves to the former President, too. Businessman Bernie Moreno recently announced his campaign, touting the involvement of Kellyanne Conway and some other former Trump officials. The already crowded GOP primary to replace retiring Sen. Rob Portman got another candidate on Thursday when "Hillbilly Elegy" author JD Vance officially entered the race. And he's not just a famous author (whose book has been turned into a movie). He comes with the backing of a super PAC that already has a $10 million commitment from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, meanwhile, has a pretty clear lane to run in while the Republicans duke it out amongst themselves. Ryan raised $1.2 million in the first quarter -- an impressive sum for a House incumbent but less than the impressive sums some Senate Democratic challengers have recently posted. 10) Missouri - Missouri wouldn't be on this list if it weren't for one man: former Gov. Eric Greitens, who launched a pro-Trump Senate campaign after Sen. Roy Blunt announced he wasn't running for reelection. Greitens resigned from office following a probe into allegations of sexual and campaign misconduct, leading to Republican fears that he could endanger the Senate seat (and the rest of the map next year). That kind of situation isn't without precedent: in 2012, Todd Akin cost Republicans the state. Sen. Josh Hawley -- an avid Greitens enemy -- is said to be working behind the scenes against him. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is also running, and several members of the delegation are eyeing the race, but the more people who get in, the more the anti-Greitens vote will be split. On the Democratic side, state Sen. Scott Sifton was already running, while Marine veteran Lucas Kunce, a progressive who says "It's time to Marshall Plan the Midwest," announced after Blunt said he was retiring. Several bigger names, like former Sen. Claire McCaskill and 2016 nominee Jason Kander, who only lost to Blunt by 3 points, have passed. For now, the possibility that Greitens' candidacy entices some bigger-name Democratic candidates (even those who have already ruled it out) into the race or eventually becomes the GOP nominee is enough to land Missouri a spot on this list. Note: For a more detailed description of the 34 senate seats up for grabs in 2022 including major candidates for each seat and a breakdown of other potential battleground states please see the spoiler below!
  7. Hello everyone! I’ve decided to create a thread that focuses on politics outside of the U.S. so feel free to share any news or articles and starting discussions pertaining to politics from any country! To start off the thread I wanted to share the recent development in Spain, where their parliament just passed a bill legalizing euthanasia.
  8. Going off of what we talked about yesterday, but now with the second singles instead of the lead. Which out of all of these do you find to be the most underrated? If I had to choose I would probably go with Happy because while I do think most of them are underrated, Happy is my favorite out of all of them and it’s just such a soul soothing song that I think needs to be out there more
  9. It could be said that MARINA as a whole is underrated though she has stated many times that she hates it when her fans say she’s underrated as she feels like she’s already had everything she could ever want in life and by saying she’s underrated is our way of putting her on a pedestal she doesn’t feel comfortable being put on. So with that said, I’m just gonna ask what you think the most underrated LEAD SINGLE is according to the fandom. I would personally say FROOT. I say FROOT because even though it’s widely popular it’s also widely criticized as being the worst single choice she could’ve gone with. Here’s where you’re wrong. It’s warm, inviting, inventive, and most importantly, incredibly catchy. It’s the best way to open an era and the visuals just prove that. Anyway though, what are you thoughts?
  10. Yes I’m well aware that Lana’s pretty controversial to say the least, but for a moment let’s separate the art from the artist for just a second. Which version of the iconic song Gods & Monsters do you prefer and for what reasons? Personally I prefer Jessica Lange’s from American Horror Story. Freakshow is one of my favorite seasons for this reason alone actually, it’s weird how a single song alone can steer you into a whole season. Meaning from what me and @NotDoctor established earlier you can only vote for Jessica’s
  11. To celebrate 7500 reaction points i’m doing a ADA inspired by @Twitter Please refrain from too personal questions and keep it PG folks K thanks Oh and thanks for 7500 reaction points. #Delulu10K
  12. Which movie soundtracks do you absolutely love and find iconic? These are my personal picks
  13. Welcome to the All Things Sports thread! This thread will focus on any and all sports so feel free to post and discuss anything that pertains to a sport you like or follow.
  14. No actual celebrities, just politicians for me
  15. Have you ever met an online friend in real life? If you havent, would you like to do so?
  16. The album’s been out for a little over a month now and I definitely have my definitive ranking that’s stayed pretty solid over the past month so what do you think of it and what’s your ranking? Mine would be: 1. Highly Emotional People 2. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land 3. I Love You But I Love Me More 4. Man’s World 5. Venus Fly Trap 6. Flowers 7. Goodbye 8. Purge The Poison 9. Pandora’s Box 10. New America
  17. So I actually asked her this while she was streaming and SHE RESPONDED TO ME One of my all time favorite YouTubers of all time answered one of life’s 7 mysteries and she answered it with taste, literally
  18. A lot of artists released a song with the title Deja Vu. But which of those is our favorite? I made a special playlist if you need a reminder for the songs in the poll: Ofcourse if your favorite isnt in the list, post them! :D
  19. I'm not sure a thread for non-English music and musicians exists so I decided to create one! Share your favorite non-English songs, albums, and artists here.
  20. I have the feeling this will tank since it's not really the kind of music people care about for here, but let me try anyways. What we know so far: Unless they have changed their plans, they will be releasing their first full length, conventional album. And it's meant to come out before the year ends. Lead single featuring Ty Dolla Sign and 070 Shake, coming out this week. Thursday 15 in Europe and America, Friday 16th in Australia. They will be promoting the single (and the album to some extent I guess) on Jimmy Fallon on Monday the 19th (screenshot on the spoiler) Unreleased songs they played on their 2019 tour that will potentially will be part of their album. It Gets Better (ft. Pharrell) Underneath It All (ft Vargas & Lagola)
  21. Any CD or Vinyl collectors here? Post yours!
  22. In honor of 4th of July (America’s independence day) Here are some of my top picks
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