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  1. There are songs, that it doesnt matter when it got released, they are still timeless bops! Lets fill this thread with these and pay the respect they deserve!
  2. So I was listening to, Grow A Pear by Kesha and I love this song but I feel like it’s definitely not a song she’d write nowadays as it could be taken as offensive towards feminine men So that got me thinking, what’s a song you love that probably hasn’t aged the best with the times?
  3. Forum classic! Post what you're listening to rn! Can be a single, song, album, playlist. Whatever you are listening to!
  4. That album that had high expectations but just fell flat for you
  5. Norman f-ing Rockwell Mariner’s Apartment Complex Venice b*ch
  6. Here is another All Things thread. This one is about popconcerts. Artists dare to announce their tours again as the future looks bright for some countries in the world. Even though I'm aware that not every country is that far, yet I'm sure that the day will come that we can all enjoy our freedom once again like before the pandamic came. Any artists you really want to see in concerts? Do you have any tickets? Artists you are waiting for tour announcements. Also: Have you been to concerts? Do you have pictures? Share with us! Enjoy!
  7. Which music videos released this year are your favorite? Which deserve to get nominated for a VMA? Discuss!
  8. Official thread for everything related to UFC legend Hasbulla 🇷🇺
  9. Share your 2021 summer playlist here! Whether you want to share your entire playlist or just a few songs. I figure some people have playlists for this summer seeing as how we’re almost out of the pandemic and we’re going back out again.
  10. The deep yet straight forward lyrics, The aesthetics (That is still way ahead of its time till this day), The hard hitting music, The choreography, The everything. Gaga served. What Born This Way song (apart from Bloody Mary ehem ehem.) Do you like/love till this day?
  11. Which album had the most cohesive deluxe/special edition tracks, and which individual track is your favorite? Pick and discuss below
  12. That chorus is so good and eargasmic. Its superb.
  13. I usually don’t watch bad movies But probably like a Marvel movie
  14. Whats your favorite flavor of icecream?
  15. I used to play clarinet so I’ll go with that since I’ve forgotten how to play it
  16. Do you rather drink coffee or tea? And how do you like it? I like both coffee and tea, I like my coffee with some milk and sugar :)
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