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Found 15 results

  1. It's my birthday today and I turned this big ol' 20. I had originally gotten into gaga forms through GGD at 15 and it's wild to think how long has passed and how many friends I've made because of Gaga. I didn't go out because of Covid but I decided to dress up myself for the first time in a while just to do something a little special. It's one of the few times I take pictures and feel happy with them immediately after. Here's some if you want to like or follow me on twitter I'm always looking for more mutals 😊 P.S. the eyeliner is haus labs
  2. Title Let me introduce you to my party people to the LEGENDARY July 1st cancer gang. Princess Diana Missy Elliot Raini Rodriguez Pamela Anderson Chloe Bailey (from Chloe x Halle) What about you? Share!
  3. I thought it would be cool to have a birthday calendar thread on popa911! So, lets create one Post your birthday and I'll mqke sure to add it to the OP. Only if you like to, ofcourse January 4th: DonatellaPop 29th: Spinning Bottles February 3rd: ice bear 12th: Dirkje March 11th: Patch the line 20th: Doot 22nd: LaLa 26th: StormPulse April 3rd: Paradox 14th: SLAG May 1st: gagarrhea June 12th: Gypsy Life July 1st: LordeVonKok 11th: NotDoctor August 6th: Kattys 9th: gagaschickens 11th: Musicisfreedom September 23rd: idontevenknow 25th: Hejira 29th: Twitter October 6th: Mister G 8th: lavenderblonde 17th: Calmar 25th: Cookies November December 11th: Admin 22nd: Shadow Works 29th: Andreas
  4. Happy birthday @kaelergrey and @Starboy @kaelergrey hey mate! Its your birthday! I hope you have a great one! Other news is that you are sharing your bday with fellow popster @Starboy!! I hope you guys have a nice day!
  5. Can't wait to get skull-dragged for this privately but help me to wish an old bird and my m8 @HeavyMetalLover a Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day babes. All the best! And the worst!
  6. Happy birthday to our incredible @admin! Without you we would not have popa911! I also wanna take this moment to say thank you for all you've done so far! And ofcourse thank you for everything you've planned to improve this already incredible site! From the moment I joined this forum I believed in its potential. And I still do! Thank you Admin to put your trust in me to add me as one of your moderators. Also a big thank you to pick such hard working mates. You guys dont see everything, but behind the scenes there is always something going on. Stuff will come in 2021 and I cannot wait for you all to see! Have a wonderful day, mate!
  7. Happy birthday to Community Leader and fellow staff mate, @corvus albus! I hope you have a great day mate!
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