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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to Season 1 of Pop A 911's Create A Label! HOST @Elvira MUSIC CORPORATIONS UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP • Essential Records: Britney Spears & Madonna @Elvira • Columbia Records: Angèle & Ellie Goulding @Starboy • OVO Sound: Drake @Twitter SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT • Xylophone Records: Aya Nakamura @Lorde Von Kok • Etirkāla Records: M.I.A. @GitHub • Euphoric Records: Rina Sawayama @Hejira WARNER MUSIC GROUP • SHINE Records: Lisa & Dominic Fike @PETTY • Dynamight Records: Lady Gaga @Bakugo
  2. In CAL, you can release your own artist’s material, write your own songs using instrumentals from youtube, or you can LICENSE SONGS from other artists to use with your own. You just have to say what’s your label, the song(s) you want to get and who’s the artist behind it and tag the host. The song obviously can’t be from an artist signed in the game - to use a song from a signed artist, you’ll have to talk in private with the member that has the artist signed. To license a song, make a post filling this form: - Record Label: - Song(s) you want - Tag the host Example:
  3. Welcome to Create A Label! Hello, darlings! Welcome to Create A Label, one of the most known games in pop forums and also the internet’s best and most interactive music simulation game. CAL is a game made of music, creativity, strategy and interaction, with a strong spirit of competition. You don't need to be an expert on visuals or writing, you just have to be YOU and work for your success - and by that, you'll decide how to play. I’m Elvira and I’ll be your host for this new trial version. I’ll be the person taking care of the CAL system, all charts, dealing with businesses and in cha
  4. Create A Label has now a system of charts inspired by real-life ones. There 's one main system for the game called FLOW, it’s like a conglomerate that includes everything, from digital sales to streaming, videos, etc. all in only ONE platform. Your artist can talk about real-life platforms but in the game, the Flow system is the one that matters. With that said, there will be FOUR charts happening in the game: #1. FLOW HOT CHARTS This is the equivalent to Billboard, with one chart for singles and another for albums. It reflects the sales at the iFlow Store and the streamings on Fl
  5. This is the CAL Library, our own archive or releases. Every record label will have their own post and the host will be updating the label's posts as they release new material from their artists. Feel free to send a message to @Elvira in case you want any change to be made, any release removed or something like it. RELEASES CALENDAR
  6. In CAL you can post promotion in many different forms, from TV and radio interviews, campaigns, billboards, and even geting a good spot in a playlist. Since this is a first trial season, the United States has more paid promo slots, but I’ve also included the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. There's a plan of adding Asia in the future, and if demanded, it might be added or replace one of the current places. The money you’ll get through the charts is made to book paid promo, and any show that isn’t on the sheet is FREE (NO NEED TO BOOK), however, paid promo gives a bigger boost
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