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  1. hello again Feuders, calling your attention first, i'd like to apologize for the super delayed results it's been rough but we can't delay this any further.. Let's find out the answers for these: Season 3 Round 3: Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé, Adele & Britney Spears What is Britney’s Worst Live Performance? Name Britney’s Best 2010s song. Name a H100 No.1 Britney song. Name a Remix w/ Beyonce song. What is Beyonce’s Magnum Opus Album? Name a H100 No.1 Beyonce song from 2000s. What is Beyonce’s Most Iconic Music Video? Name Adele’s Best Album. Name a H100 No.1 Adele song. Name an Adele song that deserved RITD and SLY’s Global Success. Name Joanne’s Best Album Track. What is Gaga’s Best Acting Role? Name a Gaga song title that starts with letter B. What is the Era with the Best Fashion? Name the most underrated Gaga MV. Bonus: Name a popular 80s classic song.
  2. @GucciOreos @Fame Romance @DonnieDarko @corvus albus @chailatte @Gypsy Life @Sir.Sim @joesuda @Clever Username We're starting in a few minutes. Are you ready?
  3. Welcome to the MEGARATE CEREMONY on THE FAME MONSTER Lady Gaga’s 2009 add-on to her blockbuster album The Fame shows Mother Monster at the height of her pop cultural powers, fusing banging beats with her ever-morphing—yet always club-ready—style. The “rah rah ah-ah-ah!” rallying cry of “Bad Romance” jolts a love song dressed up in mirror-ball drag, while “Telephone” pairs Gaga with Beyoncé for a feisty broadside against overzealous suitors and the grand ballad “Speechless” pays tribute to Gaga’s piano-bar roots. This is a massive statement in a deceptively brief package. TRACKLIST 1. Bad Romance 2. Alejandro 3. Monster 4. Speechless 5. Dance In the Dark 6. Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) 7. So Happy I Could Die 8. Teeth Results: The CEREMONY will start in ONE HOUR!
  4. Hello Legendary Feuders! Let's get into the finale round of POP CULTURE TALK and find out your scores for these: Season 2 Round 3: Pop Culture Talk1. Name a Box-Office GIANT Film.2. Name the Worst fanbase.3. Name a Disney Princess.4. What’s your favorite space (room/part) in a house?5. What city will you likely see in a 2-hour Hollywood Film?6. Most Handsome Actor?7. Name a Michael Jackson song.8. What’s the best meal of the day?9. Name a movie that families will likely play on Christmas.10. Name a cartoon character.11. Name a well-hung Hollywood Actor.12. Name a Non-English Global Smash.13. Name an X-Men Character.14. Name a social media app.15. Name a boy band.Bonus: Name an ex-act Pop Girl.
  5. WELCOME TO THE 3RD ANNUAL LITTLE MONSTER CHOICE AWARDS! The award ceremony is about to begin and I'll love to thank everyone who voted and participated in this event! Hundreds of you voted this year, more than the 2 previous years, and I'm so happy this event is continuing to grow! Love to you all! Here is the order of each category that will be announced: Again, thank you all for participating! Spreadsheet of winners & previous winners ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10sZGx4Boxu2bxzclq4HZOdmkK6x-En9LvGNOq6TMJNw/edit?usp=sharing ) Video on the winners will be posted soon! Taglist:
  6. Calling the Talented Feuders of PopA911 hi LEGENDS! Welcome to another CEREMONY of PopA911 Feud. In a moment, we'll find out the Top Answers for these: Season 2 Round 1: Pop Culture Talk Aside from Gaga, Name a Global Female Pop Star. Name Harry Potter’s Best Book. Name the Biggest Female Artist in Touring. Name the Most “Payolad” Female Artist of recent times. Who mostly deserved the throne? (Game Of Thrones characters) Name a closeted Male Celebrity. Name a “Local” Pop Girl. Name the Most Impactful Record Producer of the 21st Century. What’s the Most Impactful Country after the U.S.? Aside from Gaga, Name VMA’s Best Performance. Name an Oscar Best Picture Winning Film. Who will you likely hear when you turn on the radio? Name “FRIENDS” best character. Name the Next Hollywood Female Superstar. Name a Main Pop Girl that will likely never visit Eastern Europe. Bonus: Name the Best Ancient Empire. (6000BC – 1900)
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