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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Popsters, So, our first official competition has come to a close and we have 8 amazing winners! Each winner can send me a personal message on here and we can talk logistics! I will need an address to ship the package to you. I can't 100% promise delivery if a country decides to take them as contraband, but I hope no one really cares about a package of Oreos. Congrats and thanks everyone for participating! We'll surely have more competitions and such in the future, although maybe less with physical prizes. Please congratulate our winners and post any sugge
  2. Hey Popsters™ ! In preparation for the upcoming "Dark Mode" feature which will be available tomorrow we've decided to hold another emote competition! We're looking for emotes that will stand out and give "Dark Mode" a little pop of color! Fun pictures or gifs that you think other users will love use regularly! Six (6) emotes will be chosen to be added! HOW WILL VOTING WORK? Suggestions will be posted by you (Popsters) below. You can submit multiple pictures or gifs per post. (Pics with transparent backgrounds are preferred but NOT mandatory!) Once submissions close tea
  3. POP a 911 is proud to offer our first official and free competition ! What's this competition? We'll be sending out at least 5 Lady Gaga Oreo packages randomly picked from those who match the criteria listed below. We will ship wherever you are so long as you can receive packages and have permission if you live with guardians. This is a great way to get a package if they're not being sold locally. Packages will be shipped out by the end of April. However, for every 20 retweets our promotional tweets receive, we'll send another package. So 100 retweets equals 10 winners . It's
  4. HELLO EVERYONE! Its time we add new emotes to the POPa911 community. This month’s competition is animal themed. We’re looking to add a 3 new emotes. VOTE your favorite emotes in the poll. :stressdog: :tireddog: :smudge: :sadpup: :danceteddy: :catwalk: :staredog: (Voting Ends Sunday, February 28, 2021)
  5. EMOTE SUGGESTIONS In this thread you will be able to suggest new emotes to the mod team that you think are good enough to use on this forum. ﹀ When suggesting emotes, please ensure the image or GIF is crisp, clear, and bright. Also, please suggest emotes you can see yourself and other popsters using. ﹀ HOW WILL VOTING WORK? Suggestions will be posted by you guys below. You can submit multiple pics or GIFs per post. Each month, we will open a poll with those suggestions, and popsters will vote on them. The poll winner(s) will be announced and availab
  6. HELLO EVERYONE New Year, New Emotes! Based on your past submissions, the mod team decided to give a rebound to emotes that didn’t make the cut first before accepting new submissions. We’re looking to add 3 new emotes. VOTE your favorite emotes with the poll in this OP. Emotes: :cryga: :100pplga: (Voting ends Saturday, January 30, 2021)
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