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  1. Any CD or Vinyl collectors here? Post yours!
  2. Do you think WAP will: receive nominations at the 2022 Grammys? and if it does receive noms, do you think it will win or sweep?
  3. Welcome to the All Things Sports thread! This thread will focus on any and all sports so feel free to post and discuss anything that pertains to a sport you like or follow.
  4. I found this video, and I thought I'd share it. Its pretty interesting to understand how music we know today has been developed during the years. This is about Dua Lipa's Love Again. The original was from the 30's. It got sampled, and then in 2020 (or 2021 as the single release) it was sampled again by Dua.
  5. Good afternoon everyone, I live in Portland, ME and I’m pretty passionate about US Politics and I really wanted to create a thread where we could come here to just discuss and post about the recent news that we’re hearing about. Also if you’re not completely knowledgeable, DON’T BE SHY. No judging here and we can all share knowledge and thoughts I don’t want anyone discouraging people from entering this thread Thank you everyone and, and cheers to a hopefully very successful next 4 years under President Biden 2022 US Senate Election Map (Nov 8, 2022) Map Of th
  6. Do you rather drink coffee or tea? And how do you like it? I like both coffee and tea, I like my coffee with some milk and sugar :)
  7. Hello everyone! I’ve decided to create a thread that focuses on politics outside of the U.S. so feel free to share any news or articles and starting discussions pertaining to politics from any country! To start off the thread I wanted to share the recent development in Spain, where their parliament just passed a bill legalizing euthanasia.
  8. Which music videos released this year are your favorite? Which deserve to get nominated for a VMA? Discuss!
  9. Hello guys. I made this thread to know if people on POPa911 would be interested in participating in a Song Contest submitting an original song or holding some sort of chart game with our own original tracks. This is a good opportunity for the musicians on this forum to promote their stuff in an entertaining way. The Chart Game was something that I came up with, but it would need a little development. It wouldn't be based on real streams only, it would be based on other stuff to achieve more points. I think it could be fun. But we would need quite a decent number of participants.
  10. I have no opinion on this so I’d like to hear what you all think on this subject
  11. Cool, breezy, and sunny is the perfect combo but I also love when it’s really rainy.
  12. HEY GUYS. I’VE TOOK IT UPON MYSELF TO CREATE A GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD REGARDING ALL THINGS ‘EUROVISION’. Discuss performances, snubs, wins and stats here! This is for when Eurovision season is over and we all go back to our normal lives - and sometimes it pops back into our heads through YouTube recommended or a random chart fact. There’ll be a separate thread - presumably and hopefully made by @little legend due to his amazing running of this years thread - for the 2022 show.
  13. Literally, every single album I feel like from her since maybe since ever before Froot has experienced leaks of some kind that derails a bit of the beginning of the eras.
  14. Hi all, Didn't find a thread about this here so I'm sharing this. The person who made the ARTPOP Act II petition is organizing an ARTPOP week full of art from little monsters and interviews with Tara and DJWS. Here's a link: The first performance is from the Gaga impersonator (currently performing live on their Tiktok!) BTW they're still taking submissions so creatives of Popa911, feel free to DM them with ARTPOP tributes! :) I will be performing Dope tomorrow.
  15. Mine is weird but basically I saw a box bounce by itself. What’s crazy is the box was below a table that had my turtle and his tank on it and the exact moment my turtle jumped off his little ledge and into the water, the box bounced too as if he had jumped into the box, which was positioned in the same area where he had dove into. Also the box made a weird, cartoonish motion when it bounced too. And no, I was not intoxicated. I remember telling my mom about it and she said it was the work of demonic spirits . Till this day I have no idea how that occurred. If you have witnessed something
  16. If you had to describe the taste of water to an alien from another planet what would you say it tastes like?
  17. Norman f-ing Rockwell Mariner’s Apartment Complex Venice b*ch
  18. Here is another All Things thread. This one is about popconcerts. Artists dare to announce their tours again as the future looks bright for some countries in the world. Even though I'm aware that not every country is that far, yet I'm sure that the day will come that we can all enjoy our freedom once again like before the pandamic came. Any artists you really want to see in concerts? Do you have any tickets? Artists you are waiting for tour announcements. Also: Have you been to concerts? Do you have pictures? Share with us! Enjoy!
  19. Forum classic! Post what you're listening to rn! Can be a single, song, album, playlist. Whatever you are listening to!
  20. I'm not sure a thread for non-English music and musicians exists so I decided to create one! Share your favorite non-English songs, albums, and artists here.
  21. I usually don’t watch bad movies But probably like a Marvel movie
  22. I like movies and I'm guessing other people might, too. So I thought it would be nice to have an ongoing thread where we can talk about what films we're currently watching and whether they're any good or not!
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