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Found 10 results

  1. Welcome to the official thread for the upcoming French presidential election! I will be updating this thread with news, polling and eventually the results of the election. Everyone is welcome to share updates as well! But first a little background information if you're unfamiliar: MAJOR PARTIES La République En Marche! | Centre/Centre-right Les Républicains | Centre-right Parti socialiste | Centre-left Mouvement démocrate – MoDem | Centre/Centre-right Rassemblement national | Far-right La France Insoumise | Left-wing/Far-left Parti communiste français – PCF | Left-wing Europe Écologie Les Verts | Centre-left The government and political system in France The electoral system in France The formation of French government Check out current polling here: https://www.politico.eu/europe-poll-of-polls/france/ Source: https://www.expatica.com/fr/living/gov-law-admin/french-government-107814/
  2. @little legend has officially been crowned Admin of POPa911. Congratulations! How do you feel on this legendary feat?
  3. you know damn well that he was forced to give out this statement probably scared to lose his social media accounts
  4. Who else is watching tonight? I’m trying not to obsess because the results have been mildly positive so far. Imagine if we take the senate https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/01/05/us/elections/results-georgia-runoffs.html
  5. January 21 is going to be a beautiful day for America, the great. American greatness will truly be established with the inauguration of the best President America has ever seen; Donald J Trump. Get ready hennies.
  6. Hi all, today is the final day of voting in the US. Discuss anything election related. This process may stretch on for many days as votes are tabulated. I’m working the polls in Queens all day, literally for 17 hours , so I won’t be on today. Pray for a Biden win . Nytimes info here: https://www.nytimes.com/news-event/2020-election
  7. All of you Americans on here. GO VOTE! It’s extremely important and not just for you but for your country to be safe! Write if you are gonna vote or have voted and who you voted for.
  8. following Gaga landing in PA announcing her support of the Biden campaign the Trump campaign has released a statement stating Gaga is “anti fracking” when she’s never spoken a word about fracking..... Trump campaign already trying to scare the people of PA...how pathetic. Thoughts? Edit: Gaga’s response
  9. Ok, who else is watching, @Timmers? I'm so nervous, I might eat multiple pints of ice cream during. I hope that Biden gets to speak, is confident and sounds like the man he is. I hope Trump doesn't have a weird about-face where he sounds strong and normal - but I don't want him to ruin it again either. UGH.
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