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  1. Calling our Legendary Feuders. In a moment, we'll find out the Top Answers to these: Season 3 Round 2: Lady Gaga ft. Katy Perry & Rihanna1. Name an OUT-OUT Chart-run Katy Perry single.2. What is Katy’s Best Physical Asset?3. Name a No.1 Katy Perry song.4. What Katy Perry song will you likely hear on a Nickelodeon show?5. What is Katy’s Best Radio Single?6. What European Country Rihanna smashed the most?7. Name Rihanna’s best ballad.8. What is Rihanna’s Most Local Era?9. Name a No.1 Rihanna song?10. Aside from ANTI, What Rihanna album deserved BB200 No.1?11. If Gaga released a 5th Official Single for THE FAME, what would it be?12. What is BTW’s most underrated album track?13. Name a single-worthy album track from ARTPOP.14. Aside from SOUR CANDY, what Chromatica song deserved a Music Video the most?15. For ASIB Era, what award show/premier/event Gaga dressed the best?Bonus: Aside from Gaga songs, Name a popular Karaoke song.
  2. Calling the Talented Feuders of PopA911 hi LEGENDS! Welcome to another CEREMONY of PopA911 Feud. In a moment, we'll find out the Top Answers for these: Season 3 Round 1: Lady Gaga ft. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande 1. Name a No.1 Taylor Swift Song. 2. Aside from the US, What is Taylor’s strongest market? 3. What is Taylor’s Best Album? 4. Name one of Taylor’s ex. 5. What country Taylor flopped the most? 6. Before Ari’s string of H100 No.1s, what’s her biggest song? 7. What is Ariana’s Best Album? 8. What is Ariana’s Worst Album? 9. What is Ariana’s gayest song? 10. Aside from Rain On Me, what is Ariana’s best No.1 song? 11. Who’s Gaga’s TOTGA? 12. Name a non-top10 Gaga song that deserved the H100 No.1 the most. 13. If Gaga were to release a song from the vault, what would it be? 14. What hair color is best for Gaga? 15. The best Gaga song to play while having sex. Bonus: What do you do first when you wake up?
  3. WELCOME TO THE CEREMONY OF LADY GAGA’S UNRELEASED SONG COLLECTION Lady Gaga has about 50 full-length, known songs that did not make the cut for any of her studio albums, but yet many are adored by stans worldwide. Today we will find which you thought are the most (and least) deserving to be officially released. TRACKLIST: Result: 1 Nothing on (But the Radio) 9.50 2 Brooklyn Nights 8.94 3 PARTYNAUSEOUS 8.63 4 Reloaded 8.31 4 Princess Die 8.31 5 No Way 8.19 6 B**Ch, Don't Kill My Vibe 8.06 7 I Wanna Be With U 8.00 8 Wonderful 7.81 9 Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) 7.63 9 Glitter & Grease 7.63 10 Out of Control 7.50 11 Filthy Pop 7.44 12 The Greatest Thing (with Cher) 7.38 13 Second Time Around 7.31 14 Freakshow 7.13 15 Hollywood 7.06 15 Living on the Radio 7.06 15 Cake Like Lady Gaga 7.06 16 Future Love 7.00 16 Earthquake 7.00 17 Let Love Down 6.94 18 Stache 6.75 19 Stuck on F**kin You 6.69 19 Posh Life 6.69 20 Retro-Physical 6.63 21 Trigger 6.56 21 SuperStar 6.56 22 Animal 6.50 23 Rock Show (80s version) 6.25 24 We Could Be 6.19 25 Captivated 6.00 25 Electric Kiss 6.00 26 Blueberry Kisses 5.94 26 Dirty Ice Cream 5.94 26 Rock Show 5.94 26 Sexy Ugly 5.94 27 Red Flame 5.81 28 Changing Skies 5.75 29 Panty Party 5.63 30 Love Sick Girl 5.25 30 Reel Cool 5.25 31 Oh Well 5.19 31 Ribbons 5.19 31 Sometimes 5.19 32 Fancy Pants 5.13 32 Shake Your Kitty 5.13 33 Take You Out 4.88 34 We Are Plastic 4.81 35 Master Heartbreaker 4.63 35 Kandy Life 4.63 35 Retrosexual 4.63 36 Spin U Around 4.44 Participants:
  4. WELCOME! This is the ceremony of the long awaited Delusional Megarate Season 2 (The Entela Remix: Reloaded Krazy Edition) RESULTS! Let the mess begin in 25 minutes besties.
  5. WELCOME TO THE SUPER-CEREMONY of GAGA'S DISCOGRAPHY! Some may dismiss pop as inauthentic. But for Lady Gaga—one of popular culture’s greatest, most extravagant creations—the inauthenticity is the point. No artist has more defiantly embodied that provocation this century than the one born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (in New York in 1986). Never wedded to the same image—one minute wearing a dress made of raw meat at the MTV VMAs, the next a coat of Kermit the Frog puppets on German TV—Gaga personifies pop’s surface obsessions while simultaneously upending them. In a sense, her creative identity had crystallized by age 21, having been a child pianist, aspiring actor, and burlesque performer. Each of these facets powered her career’s most distinct parts: the celebrity fascination of her first two albums, 2008’s The Fame and 2009’s The Fame Monster; the subversive layering of 2011’s Born This Way and 2013’s ARTPOP; the sincere reverence of 2014’s Cheek to Cheek, her jazz standards album with Tony Bennett; and the rootsier songwriting of 2016’s Joanne. If 2009’s “Paparazzi” reveled in the flashes, then “Born This Way” celebrated inner light: In translating her diffuse identity into world-conquering art, Gaga has become a beacon to anyone else who’s felt like an outsider. Her loyal following—a.k.a. Little Monsters—has affirmed a deep connection to her message of self-love and self-expression, despite pop’s fickleness and her chameleonic exterior. She played out a simpler version of her path to fame in the 2018 remake of A Star Is Born: But while her character’s ascent was abetted by her lover, Gaga’s was all her own. RESULT:
  6. Welcome to the MEGARATE CEREMONY on THE FAME! The Fame introduced the world to one of the 21st century’s most captivating divas. With their stomping club beats and soaring synth hooks, tracks like “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” will make you want to hit the dance floor immediately, but Gaga also shakes things up with eccentric cuts like the piano-driven electro banger “Paper Gangsta” and the futuristic power ballad “Brown Eyes.” Bringing new drama to dance-pop, Gaga is thrilling throughout, whether she’s lost in romantic obsession on “Paparazzi” or strutting her sassy stuff on “Money Honey.” TRACKLIST: 1. Just Dance (feat. Colby O' Donis) 2. LoveGame 3. Paparazzi 4. Poker Face 5. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 6. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 7. The Fame 8. Money Honey 9. Starstruck (feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida) 10. Boys, Boys, Boys 11. Paper Gangsta 12. Brown Eyes 13. I Like It Rough 14. Summerboy 15. Disco Heaven 16. Again Again 17. Retro Dance Freak Result: The CEREMONY will start in ONE HOUR!
  7. Welcome to the megarate for Gwen's iconic solo debut LOVE. ANGEL. MUSIC. BABY.! Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is the debut solo studio album by American singer Gwen Stefani. It was released on November 12, 2004, by Interscope Records. Stefani, who had previously released five studio albums as lead singer of the rock band No Doubt, began recording solo material in early 2003. She began working on Love. Angel. Music. Baby. as a side project that would become a full album after No Doubt went on hiatus. RULES: - Give each track of a rating of 1-10. You can give your favorite track an 11 and your least favorite track a 0 - Trolling isn’t allowed - Comments are encouraged but not required Submit your rates here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfENHPlTEcWKWLFRLgR8po3bl2zwMdbpLeN3Z15Azkz9YmW3w/viewform?usp=sf_link Last date for submissions: March 26 CEREMONY: March 28 3PM EST Tracklist: 1. What You Waiting For? 2. Rich Girl 3. Hollaback Girl 4. Cool 5. Bubble Pop Electric 6. Luxurious 7. Harajuku Girls 8. Crash 9. The Real Thing 10. Serious 11. Danger Zone 12. Long Way To Go
  8. Hello So me and besty @Sir.Sim are hosting this megarate together, as it'll be seperated in two parts (wild animals and pets). This is not your regular megarate, so I'll try to explain how it's different and how this works. So as mentioned above, it's split up into two different parts, wild animals and pet animals. This means that you will be voting for each seperately, and the ceremonies will be hosted seperately, too. Both ceremonies will happen on the same day, one immediately after the other. This way it's more fair, since comparing a wild animal to a frog would be wrong, but it's still the same megarate, since it's all animals. (btw im hosting pet animals and @Sir.Sim is hosting wild animals) Here is another twist though - this is gonna be a FAST megarate. Meaning, voting will be open for only 24 hours, starting now! The deadline is tomorrow, Friday 03.12.21, on 4.30pm GMT+2. Does this make this megarate more likely to flop? Absolutely. So what can you do about that? Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only have a day to do so, after all<3 Animals~~ Rules~~ Links~~ Deadline - Friday 03.12.21 4.30pm GMT+2 Ceremony - Saturday 03.13.21 7pm GMT+2 tags~~
  9. Hello So I thought I'd do another megarate, colors. Because taste in colors can show a lot about one's taste in general. Rules Colors Voting Deadline: February 22nd 2021 Ceremony: Friday, February 26th, 10pm GMT+2 Link 2 vote: https://forms.gle/fWZpk8RTtZREe9qT8
  10. The day has finally arrived. You guys have rated the quintessential ABBA songs that made them the legends they are today. You showed some songs a lot of love, some songs got a little less love from you. Today we'll count down until we find out which ABBA song is preferred by the Popsters. Are you guys ready to get this ceremony started? CEREMONY STARTS IN 20 MINUTES! Show us your best looks.
  11. Welcome to the MEGARATE CEREMONY on A STAR IS BORN That vulnerability is on display in the movie's central number, “Shallow,” a power ballad that comes closest to Gaga’s usual recorded fare. The rest of the soundtrack encompasses country-rockers (“Diggin’ My Grave”), Carole King-style piano bops (“Look What I Found”), and slow-dance duets (“Music to My Eyes”). This wide variety of Broadway-ready cues is the product of a dream team of songwriters, including Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsey, Jason Isbell, Lori McKenna, Julia Michaels, Lukas Nelson, and Mark Ronson. But what grounds it all is Gaga's and Cooper's star power, and their natural flair for the dramatic. The day they filmed the movie's climactic piano torch song, "I'll Never Love Again," Gaga rushed from the soundstage to her friend Sonya’s bedside at the hospital; she passed away that day, after a long struggle with cancer. At the urging of Sonya's husband, Gaga drove right back to set and poured everything she was feeling into that performance. “I sang that song for Jackson,” she told Zane, “and for her.” Track-list 1. Black Eyes 2. La Vie En Rose 3. Maybe It’s Time 4. Out of Time 5. Alibi 6. Shallow 7. Music To My Eyes 8. Diggin’ My Grave 9. Always Remember Us This Way 10. Look What I Found 11. Heal Me 12. I Don’t Know What Love Is 13. Is That Alright? 14. Why Did You Do That? 15. Hair Body Face 16. Before I Cry 17. Too Far Gone 18. I’ll Never Love Again 19. I'll Never Love Again (extended version) Results:
  12. A day that truly could not have come sooner considering how long I’ve beat this joke into the ground. The official Lady Gaga Product Placement Videography Megarate Ceremony will commence in one hour. Again, thank you to all of our voluntary participants As well as those I guilted into voting
  13. Welcome to the Megarate CEREMONY of highly anticipated on Kylie Minogue's 15th studio album - DISCO “A disco ball allows you to see light in the darkness,” Kylie Minogue tells Apple Music, neatly encapsulating why her 15th album DISCO is a welcome bright spot in a distinctly dingy year. “I’ve turned off the dirt road and onto the supersonic highway—straight to the galactic disco.” Indeed, DISCO is a marked departure from 2018's country-tinged Golden, transporting its listeners straight to the kind of packed dance floor they could only dream of amid 2020’s global lockdown. And yet DISCO was recorded during isolation in a makeshift home studio made up of clothes rails, curtains, and blankets—all of which earned Minogue her first engineering credit (“I went to recording kindergarten and had to learn to use GarageBand,” she says). Minogue, of course, isn’t the only artist turning to disco as a radical form of escapism in 2020, a year that’s also seen Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Jessie Ware, and Róisín Murphy experiment with the genre. “At its inception, disco was a way of allowing people to dance through their struggle and pain,” says Minogue of why rolling back the years has proven such a tonic. “Some of the best disco songs are mission statements of strength. Even though I started recording before the dramas of 2020, there is a correlation.” Track-list 1. Magic 2. Miss a Thing 3. Real Groove 4. Monday Blues 5. Supernova 6. Say Something 7. Last Chance 8. I Love It 9. Where Does the DJ Go? 10. Dancefloor Darling 11. Unstoppable 12. Celebrate You 13. Till You Love Somebody 14. Fine Wine 15. Hey Lonely 16. Spotlight Result: STARTING IN 30 MINUTES!
  14. Calling the Attention of the Talented Feuders! Let's get the BALL rolling and find out the Top Answers for these in a moment: Season 2 Round 2: Pop Culture Talk Name a US President before the 21st Century. Apart from Gaga, Name the Best Superbowl Half-Time Show. Name the Best Dancer among Female Pop Stars. Name a Girl Group. Aside from Pop, Name a Music Genre. Name one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World” Name a Male Porn Star. What is the country with best cuisine? Name a Superhero. Name the Best Female Vocalist. Name a COLOR. What’s the Most Iconic Fruit? Aside from Earth, Name a Planet. Name the Next Hollywood Male Superstar. Name an NBA Icon. Bonus: Name the Best Country in Continental Europe.
  16. Hello Feuders! Welcome to the Ceremony for PopA911 Feud Round 3: Lady Gaga Did you snatch the Top Answers for these? Name a Gaga song that starts with letter S (song title). Name ARTPOP’s Best non-single track. Name Gaga’s Best Live Performance (original Gaga song/s). Name Gaga's Most Uneventful Era. In 20 years, What Gaga song will end up as her biggest classic? Name Gaga’s Best H100 #11-#40 Hit. Name Gaga's Best Written for other artists’ song. Name Cheek To Cheek’s Best Song. Name Gaga’s Best Live Tribute Performance. Name Joanne’s Best non-single track. Name Gaga’s Most Underrated Song. What Gaga song will you likely hear in Tokyo, Japan? Name Gaga’s “safest” album. Name the producer that will likely produce Gaga’s next Lead Single. Name Born This Way’s Best non-single track. Bonus: Name a Rock Band. Let's find out in 15 minutes
  18. What's up, PopA911? Put your hands to the air, we are going to VENUS! Welcome to the Megarate Ceremony of ARTPOP ARTPOP is Lady Gaga’s third studio album released on November 6, 2013. It is her first major project in two years since its smash predecessor, Born This Way saw the daylight in May 2011. From the tracks currently out there, the concept involves the embracing of sexuality, (“Aura”, “MANiCURE”, “Sexxx Dreams”), and ignoring the superficial elements for life for the sake of who you love (“Applause”, the title cut or “Dope”, etc.). Both strands intersect with the “be yourself” theme from Born This Way. This album’s music is essentially electro-pop, but melds rock with EDM beat breaks, along with pinches of hip-hop and ballads. Structurally, this ain’t no paint-by-the-number record; the colors bleeds. The visual direction is ruled by a team of modern artists. It also has a lot of fashion. VISUALS BY @Twitter Track-list 1. Aura 2. Venus 3. G.U.Y 4. Sexxx Dreams 5. Jewels N Drugs (feat. T.I., Too $hort and Twista) 6. MANiCURE 7. ARTPOP 8. Swine 9. Donatella 10. Fashion! 11. Mary Jane Holland 12. Dope 13. Gypsy 14. Applause Participants: @Bakugo @TINDER @corvus albus @Delusional @Ms I am a local @Party Favor @paradox @Yanko @FreeMyMind @FRANZGA @kaelergrey @calmar @ChromaticRaccoon @raragaga @Edonis @Joannesrats @PETTY @Franch Toast @Franz Ferdinand @DeanClownchester @Lorde Von Kok @lavenderblondee @Andreu @Lionel Ronaldo @Spinning Bottles @Fame Romance @SLAG @PrinceOTStorm @BadGurlMadge @NotDoctor @Noturregularmonster @KatieJudasGaga4 @Born In Chromatica @GitHub @Clever Username @Miaou @Candy Gaga @Brecht @Shoful @nenhures @ARTPOP @HitTheBoat @ObezyankaNol @GuiLM @SamanthaC @MiKEY @sickandtired2.0 @Kattys RESULT
  19. Hello Feuders! In about an hour, we'll find out the answers to these questions: Round 2: Lady Gaga Name Gaga's biggest song Globally Name Gaga's Most Local song. Name a Gaga song that starts with letter A (song title). Name Gaga's Best album cover. Name Gaga’s Best Choreo in a Music Video. Name Gaga’s Worst Choreo in a Music Video. Name Gaga's Best Lead Single. Name Gaga's Best Collab Song. Name Gaga's Best Post-Album Release Single. Name an unreleased Gaga song. Name a "No.1 that got away" Gaga song. What Gaga song will you likely hear in a Russian taxi? What Gaga song will you recommend to your parents? What Gaga song will you likely hear when you're at the mall? What Gaga song will you play to jam with your friends? Bonus: Name a Pop Boy who debuted in the '00s. (Double Points for Top Answer) we'll start at 8:00AM EST
  20. Hi messies So I did another megarate of these last year on that other place and I thought I'd do another Fruit megarate, not MARINA RULES: THE FROOT: DEADLINE: November 20th, 2020 CEREMONY: Saturday November 21st, 2020 - 10pm GMT +3 VOTE HERE: https://forms.gle/Nq31XiPT8MyVW8KTA TAGLIST
  21. Hello Feuders! Let's get this thing going and find out what the Top Answers for these: Round 1: Lady Gaga Name a “person’s name” in a Gaga song. Name a 3-worded Gaga song title. Name a Gaga song with “baby” lyrics. Name Gaga’s worst Music Video. Name Gaga’s Best Era in Visuals. Name a Gaga song with under 3minutes song length. Name Gaga’s Best Ballad. Name a Gaga MV released in the ‘10s. Name The Fame’s Best Non-Single Track. Name Gaga’s Best Producer. Name Gaga’s Best Co-Writer. Name a solo female artist that Gaga will likely collab next. Name a solo male artist that Gaga will likely collab next. Name Gaga’s Best Single. Name a Gaga song with over 4minutes song length. Bonus: Name a Female Pop Star aside from Gaga. WEAR BLUE!
  22. Welcome girls, boys, humans and the bird, to the ... LADY GAGA VIDEOGRAPHY MEGARATE CEREMONY Thank you @Anveeroy for helping me create this event and future mess ! Today, I, your graceful host, will reveal the PopA911's rats taste for the best Lady Gaga music video with the help of ... Wendy Williams ! Shade will be thrown, rocks will be received and bans will be given. 🖤 PLEASE STAY RESPECTFUL AND KNOW THIS IS ALL FOR FUN. WE ARE ALL FAN OF GODGA, AND WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY UNDER HER WING. 🖤 PARTICIPANTS @Anveeroy @admin @Aphrodite Lady @BadGurlMadge @Bakugo @Born In Chromatica @ChromaticRaccoon @Clever Username @corvus albus @DeanClownchester @Doncho @Doot @Fame Romance @Franch Toast @Franz Ferdinand @FreeMyMind @gagarrhea @gagaschickens @GitHub @Gov Hooka @Gypsy Life @HitTheBoat @idontevenknow @Jonathan @justhislife @kaelergrey @KatieJudasGaga4 @lavenderblondee @Miaou @Mister G @Ms I am a local @NotDoctor @paradox @Party Favor @PerfectGUY @PrinceOTStorm @SLAG @Spinning Bottles @Steven @StormPulse @TINDER @The Professor @thehanyo @Twitter @zcasx RESULTS
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