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  1. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLX6kxRh57V/?igshid=1as96m12wnqlu HELP I AM WHEEZING!!!
  2. Who else lowkey grew up to the trailer for this show when they had a 3ds?
  3. I think its important to have a laughter sometimes. So do you have or know any funny jokes or puns? Share them here so we can laugh together :D I'll share some popstar/music related jokes to start the thread, but the jokes can be about anything ofcourse! Joke: What did Jay-Z call Beyoncé before they got married? Joke: Why did Adele cross the road? Joke: What makes songs but never sings? Joke: What did the DJ's gravestone say? Joke: What does the town sing when the Beast and Belle breakup? Enjoy!
  4. Me to OGH: Thoughts on Sam P? Did she deserve the S&C spin off?
  6. I created my first Tiktok ever in hopes to promote ARTPOP haha. Anyone else do stuff to try promote the campaign https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe9U8yhc/
  7. and this was the best I could do Let me not quit my day job
  8. I have no idea how or why this is starting to get over 2k views Maybe now is the best time to release new music
  9. For anyone unfamiliar with her, she’s the asmr girl with the iconic memes
  10. do you think Gaga will release Act II if the petition reaches 10k?
  11. Queens x walking like the rents due x
  12. I love this kind of people And this is the original video
  13. On another Discordian universe, @SLAG was tired of the countless s*x talk and asked if we could talk about Jesus. My question today is ... Would you have smash Jesus?
  14. So, my dad, he HATES Britney Spears, almost to a passion, but I lover her Anyways, so a song, in my dream, started to play on the radio. It sounded kinda familiar but I didn’t think it was Britney, even though my dad thought it was her right away and turned the station, I said “No wait go back I think I like this song!!!” He went back, sadly for him, and it didn’t sound at all like any Britney song I ever heard before. BUT THEN THE CHORUS CAME and it was, ahem- “BABY TAKE A SEAT! EYES ON ME! THIS IS MY SHO~OW!” And I immediately knew what song it was Somehow the v
  15. What's happening kangaroo man?
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