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Found 21 results

  1. INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to the Republic of Chromatica, a role-playing game where you'll act as members of Congress in the fictional Republic of Chromatica! You are in charge of passing laws that will benefit your constituents and make Chromatica a better place to live. The structure of the government will be modeled similarly to the United States, so there will be a Senate and a House of Representatives. This game, of course, will be more simple than how the United States Congress actually operates. It's basically a more slimmed down version so it won't be as complicated as it
  2. WELCOME! This is my second official game on POPa911 - and it’s a banger. This has been in the works for months - and I’m so excited to unveil it for you all. Everyone on POPa911 is invited to fly in to the Delulu Studio, choose their own country, model name and model, and compete to win the Purple Bollock trophy. In this competition, you learn media training, how to speak and behave like a supermodel, how to pose and the best ways to sell your beautiful features like a true Capitalism Poster Girl. Challenges include swimwear campaigns, runway walks, editorials, replicatio
  3. I urge all the members of the House and Senate to post their bill proposals in this thread so we can more easily track them. Please only post bill proposals.
  4. WELCOME! This is the second season of my panned game - The Delusion™ Game. This instalment has been revamped and renamed with advice from players from the last season. I wrote this up while listening to Clairo, so please don't be afraid to ask questions if you are confused. I am really looking forward to hosting this season, as there won't be a limit on players! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: NEW, SIMPLER RULES/HOW TO PLAY: The topic this season is LADY GAGA's DISCOGRAPHY. Submit a Delusional™ statement relating to LADY GAGA's DISCOGRAPHY in my PMs. Deadline for this
  6. Welcome to Guess The Member! This is Season 1 and I'll be your host! I'm gonna test how well you know your fellow popsters! Everyone can join! Game Q&A: Q. How does it work? A. Guess the member is a game you will guess who a round is about based on a story thats written. Q. Who writes those stories? A. You do! Send me the stories to me via a PM! Q. How should a story look like? The story must have at least 5 lines, and contains facts about you. You are not allowed to mention your name in the story. Note: The less people guesses it right, the more points
  7. Another forum classic! Ask the person below you a question! You answer the question above you and post a new question, and so on! START Question: Who would you like to see in concert, when the corona crisis is over?
  8. Welcome to the new hit game of POPa911! The game is very easy and hopefully fun -You have to choose a celebrity ( everyone except Lady Gaga ) -In each round, there will be a theme with a colour , for example RED. The only thing you have to do, is to send me a private message with a red outfit that the celebrity that you chose, has worn. Example -After that, the panel of our judges will rate your submission -In each round there will be a new Colour Theme -After 10 Rounds the participant that has the biggest overall score will win If you want to
  9. Dirkje

    Song Alphabet

    In this thread we form the alpabet using Songtitles! If we are at the Z, the next song starts with an A again. Any artist allowed! Start song: Lady Gaga - Alice
  10. HELLO LADIES, GAYS AND GENTLEMEN! WELCOME TO THE DELUSION GAME! IM YOUR HOST, MIRANDA, AND TODAY WE WILL BE GETTING DELUSIONAL. This game is in my opinion, very simple. Put your stripey t-shirt on, your grey pants and play iCarly on Netflix - because we are getting Delusional. (Patent Pending.) There will be a topic per season - and you have got to create a delusional statement about that topic and PM it to me. You don’t have to necessarily believe in it but don’t make it so far fetched like “BAD ROMANCE IS GAGAS WORST SONG!!!!”. You have one thing to do after you submit
  11. This game allows you to discover music in a fun way! In this thread, Gaga is not allowed in! Rate the song above you, post a new one for the next popster! If you dont know the song, take a listen! GO! Start song:
  12. My fellow Chromaticans! It is so good to see you here today! Are you all having fun tonight? Now before we begin we have a short history lesson: PLEASE WATCH Today tribes will nominate their tributes, who will battle for their lives in the Babylonian Arena to win the Chromatica Hunger Games. I am your host Bakugo, reporting live from Babylon, serving it ancient city style! Now I wish good luck to the tribes and its tributes! Without a further delay or lack of promotion, LETS BEGIN! This will be an interactive game - there will be t
  13. The dystopian planet of Chomatica has been attacked my OGHs. Our civilization has been destroyed, war has been broken up and kindess has been mission. We are one of the last survivors that we must fight to bring peace to Chromatica. But only one of us will be the true SURVIVOR that will awake the ancient Goddess of Chromatica aka Lady Gaga and arise our civilzation from its ashes. GUIDELINES: Game -There will be 2 or 3 tribes and each of the contestants will be a member of a tribe -In each round you will been given a theme and you must submits a song that best represen
  14. HELLO, HELLO! It’s been so long since we last spoke! But we are back at it again! Now it begins truly! 2 x Prizes are up for grabs this round. 1st Prize - Winner - ???? A secret gift. 2nd prize - Most Posts - Acclaim and a full time position in the Farmers Club! The winner could snatch it all! Will you be the last post and win GLORY? The timer has been set and won’t adjust this time!
  15. Hi Feuders! Let's get this Season going. For the TOPS, keep on SLAYING. For the BOTTOMS, redeem yourselves. Season 2 Round 2: Pop Culture Talk Name a US President before the 21st Century. Apart from Gaga, Name the Best Superbowl Half-Time Show. Name the Best Dancer among Female Pop Stars. Name a Girl Group. Aside from Pop, Name a Music Genre. Name one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World” Name a Male Porn Star. What is the country with best cuisine? Name a Superhero. Name the Best Female Vocalist. Name a COLOR. Wha
  16. Happy (early) holidays popsters! Here is a personal, little gift. Covid or not, Christmas is the occasion of the gifts, right? I truly love this community so this is for you! I wont have the time to actually post it during Xmas, so I give it to you now! This is a wordseeker I created myself. Its Popa911/lady gaga themed. To solve it, upload the image to something like paint (or something like that) Here is the puzzle: In the spoiler below you'll find the words that are hidden in the puzzle! Note: its impossible to put a space in a wordseeker. So "Lady Gaga"
  17. After flopping in the TRIO Game I'm finally back to let some of y'all flop Season 2 Round 1: Pop Culture Talk Aside from Gaga, Name a Global Female Pop Star. Name Harry Potter’s Best Book. Name the Biggest Female Artist in Touring. Name the Most “Payolad” Female Artist of recent times. Who mostly deserved the throne? (Game Of Thrones characters) Name a closeted Male Celebrity. Name a “Local” Pop Girl. Name the Most Impactful Record/Music Producer of the 21st Century. What’s the Most Impactful Country after the U.S.? Aside fr
  18. Hello Feuders! This will be the last Round for Lady Gaga. To old players, redeem yourselves. To newbies, good luck and have fun! Round 3: Lady Gaga Name a Gaga song that starts with letter S (song title). Name ARTPOP’s Best non-single track. Name Gaga’s Best Live Performance (original Gaga song/s). Name Gaga's Most Uneventful Era. In 20 years, What Gaga song will end up as her biggest classic. Name Gaga’s Best H100 #11-#40 Hit. Name Gaga's Best Written for other artists’ song. Name Cheek To Cheek’s Best Song. Name Gaga’s Best Live
  19. In this thread we will write a story together! You are only allowed to add 3 words! Sometimes I'll make the story complete to see what we got! Start words: This morning something
  20. The Edge of Glory Why Did You Do That? I’ll Never Love Again Telephone The Cure Electric Chapel Rain On Me
  21. Inspired by @Twitter's thread! The thread made me think and got this idea to make a 2.0 and then more challenging! Spell your name using songtitles. No Gaga songs allowed here, for having Titter's thread already! The challenges: Spell your name using: - any song titles, each song is from an other artist - song titles by male artists - Song titles from one artist Good luck and enjoy!
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