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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to the new edition of the charts thread besties Here's to another iconic thread. STREAM CHROMATICA YouTube 2 videos over 1000M views 24 music videos over 100M (22 as a lead) 19,5M subscribers Spotify 6 songs over 500M (Shallow, ARUTW, Bad Romance, ROM, Poker Face, Million Reasons) 16+ million followers 5 albums above 1000M streams UK charts receipts 6 Number one singles 14 top 10 singles 4 number one albums + ASIB Hot 100 receipts 5 number one hits 17 top 10 hits
  2. drivers license - #1 deja vu - #8 All I Want - #90 queen with 3 hits under her belt already
  3. Do you guys like dont smile at me or WWAFAWDWG better? I personally like dont smile at me, the songs are deeper and are just superior to most of the songs on WWAFAWDWG. They were also the first Billie songs I listened to, so they have a special place in my heart.
  4. Welcome to the new charts thread besties ! a special thanks you to @DeanClownchester for the title of the thread I’ll add charts receipts later (WW charts run) Chromatica Germany : 03-07-10-18-29-30-35-46-62-65-77-82-80-93-99-OUT (50K SPS) Argentina : 02-03-04-03-/-07-/-09-/-03-03-03-OUT-07-09-07-OUT Australia : 01-01-04-04-06-08-12-14-25-28-34-36-45-31-46-41-28-43-43-OUT Austria : 01-05-07-10-19-22-32-35-51-49-54-73-OUT-70-OUT Belgium (Wallonia) : 02-02-06-10-15-26-32-36-47-29-42-84-54-35-68-99-53-81-91-85-129-157-151-149-188-17
  5. Hello everyone! Some of you may know already that @admin and I own this charts tracking website called CHARTPOP. It's a fun, interactive web app that lets you track chart positions on iTunes and Radio (so far, more to come) in a meaningful way. The focus is on trends instead of raw numbers. If you're a chartster who finds themselves making charts manually to compare songs, give CHARTPOP a go and see if it can automatically do it for you! And if there's a feature you would like to see in CHARTPOP, be sure to mention it in this thread. Link: https://www.chartpop.live Here are a f
  6. Welcome chartsters! I know @Miaou was supposed to do this but I was asked to start this because it's taking a bit too long. Please be kind and avoid excessive shade/drags. Keep it healthy and limited. Stream Alejandro on Spotify for the 200m milestone. Admin note: This is the second official charts thread which opened on Dec 12 2020. This is a continuation from the last which can be found here:
  7. For all things charts related. Read the guidelines. Admin note: This is POPa911's first official charts thread. It opened Sept 18 and closed Dec 12 2020. The next official charts thread can be found here:
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