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Found 23 results

  1. Discuss all things, as Cardi B says, CORONAVIIIIIIRUSS! Vaccine tracker: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/science/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker.html Daily numbers: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  2. Welcome, fellow Popsters! Feel free to introduce yourselves and discuss about your past life (ahem). Pop a 911 and stay a while.
  3. I know that @admin is going to love this thread since he wants to help spread kindness, so on this thread, tag a user, and say something positive about them, tell them why you appreciate them, or just tell them you love them.
  4. I'm wanting to make this thread officially for what's going on in GGDLand, or whatever it's called. I know the Introduce yourselves thread is full of all of that, so here's a thread just for it
  5. I just spend a quarter of a century in line at Starbucks and it made me question the decisions I made leading up to this I NEEDED that Cold Brew Pumpkin Cream though SO, what is your go to Starbucks order? (Or if you don't have a starbucks near you, coffee shop order)
  6. Just dandy. And now there's a thread so this question will reign eternal under your rule, Sir @Doot!
  7. i'm bored and wanna hear some gossip/secrets spill the tea on yourself or others, i'll start: my stepsister called my mom a homewrecker (she thought my mom stole my stepdad which is not the case, he just showed up one day and wanted to move in) for years and then a few years ago, while she was married, she started dating her married boss and now they're engaged and he's in his 50s and she's 32. so now, the person who was calling my mother a homewrecker became one herself!
  8. For me, no. I went on one date (my first) on Valentine's this year and he was cute and super sweet but he wasn't interested in another How about you guys?
  9. I started this thread on BreatheHeavy without a hitch so I hope it won't be a problem here Anyways, feel free to post your selfies or other pics of you as long as they're SFW!
  10. I want to introduce you to someone who has changed my life in more ways than any. Her name is: Venus Extravaganza
  11. Hi all. So the trial of conservative Trump appointee to the Supreme Court is underway as we speak in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Even though 3 Republican Senators on the committee have tested positive and Lindsey Graham is refusing to take a test, they’re still going through with this and pulling these expected shenanigans: She’s a devout Catholic and conservative who has pledged to gut the Affordable Care Act, and potentially pose a serious threat to reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights. Her originalist interpretation of the US constitution means she wi
  12. Drop your twitters below to find more mutuals! :)
  13. Hi guys, I’m currently a senior in high school. I am thinking of majoring in either Music Business or Management and minoring in Art History or International Studies. I’ve heard so many stories of people being in completely different industries in comparison to the jobs they do now. I know an emo rapper that has a degree in astrophysics and a lot of fashion designers have degrees in political science and architecture. What are you currently studying and what hopes do you have in the future?
  14. I was informed today that I have had a covid exposure at work. They have closed a grade level at my school because of it. Since I work with all the teachers and all the students, that puts me as exposed. I'm getting tested tomorrow, but I still have to quarantine for 14 days. I'm about nervous about all of it. I do not have any symptoms at all. So far my district has closed 4 middle schools, 2 high schools, 3 elementary schools, and 2 grade levels at elementary schools. And the board is supposed to talk about opening for 100% in the elementary schools tomorrow.
  15. @ViviLittleM est en train de faire caca.
  16. Just a spinoff of @BadGurlMadge's thread. Feel free to question me on anything about me, my interests, hobbies, tastes etc!
  17. Breaking news... Idk if he can escape all his lawsuits by doing this because even if the Southern NY District Court lets him get off he still is getting sued in state court.
  18. MiKEY

    I am MiKEY

    Hello 🙋🏻‍♂️ my name is MiKEY, I am 17 years old and I am new here on PA911 (just came from GGD) I have uploaded my first single yesterday, it’s called Dreams 💭💕 I’d be very pleased if you give it a listen and share if you like it. it’s also available on SoundCloud! I hope everyone who is reading this is doing good and stays healthy ❤️ M.
  19. Can't believe it. It's his own fault and what he deserves, but I really hope he doesn't get a sympathy vote. Hate this man so much.
  20. I personally love playing piano, dancing (I made a TikTok account mess 💀), being drunk with friends and going to the parties, travelling around the world, eating pizza, going to the restaurant, swimming (maintaining my body :billie:), hiking in the mountain the summer and skiing the winter.
  21. According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj is officially a mother https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/01/nicki-minaj-gives-birth-first-child-kenneth-petty/ Nicki Minaj is a first-time mom ... she and husband Kenneth Petty have welcomed their new child to the world! Sources with direct knowledge tell us ... Nicki gave birth Wednesday in L.A. We don't know the baby's name or sex. As you know ... Nicki announced her pregnancy back in July, posting a series of photos showing her looking at least 6 months along and captioning one post, "#Preggers." She did the photoshoot with famed photographer Davi
  22. Did anyone else watch that? I know this forum, so far, is pretty international but wow. Maybe the worst thing I've ever seen. I don't know what's worse: how embarrassing our nation is right now or that there are still tens of millions of people supporting Donald Trump. Truly, an immeasurable loss for the United States and the world.
  23. So sad today. Rest in Power you icon.
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