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  1. (not my photo lol) Hey you all! Here is another megarate with the intention of you rating Lady Gaga’s fan favourites or “top tracks” as I call them. It will be both singles and album tracks, so it will be a good round. Last day to vote: Sunday, May 22 Ceremony: Wednesday, May 25 Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nrbSglcWCsWtk6QOTmPRHHeZj-QCMGFd9Kb-B47eLis/edit?hl=sv taglist:
  2. Hello! Welcome to yet another megarate by me, this time rating the social media apps Rules Link: https://forms.gle/DccjxGaCxJVcYeMXA Deadline: 18th of May 2022 Ceremony: 20th of May 2022 taglist
  3. Hey lovely people! I haven’t done a megarate in so long and thought it would be fun to do one so here it is: I have chosen 11 tracks from her discography (mostly not singles) that haven’t gotten attention in other megarates from what I have seen. I have also chosen a couple singles, but mostly album tracks that are in some cases, fan favourites. I hope you want to participate! You can give each song 1-10 but you are allowed to give an 11 to ONE song. Good luck! Songs: Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sty7es2gWUW1R0PrPJ4Zl2uoLmTwVSzUP0B--rkkunk/edit Thanks for participating! Official Participant-list: Hide contents @Andreu @Mario Spears @BadGurlMadge @Dean TANKEDchester I_Love.Vinyl (Instagram) @little legend @gagaschickens (via Instagram) @ReadyGaga @GagaSine @admin @Sir.Sim @ProjectJoanne @Gypsy Life @Pedro98 @HoldMyOreos @Chanclismo
  4. Sooooo as I promised Welcome to the megarate for 2022's AOTY Rosalía's third studio album Motomami, which was released on March 18 this year. It includes a total of 16 songs, including the singles La Dama (with The Weeknd), Chicken Teriyaki and Candy, and the promo singles Saoko and Hentai. Everyone is welcome to participate! Rules: The rules are very simple. You need to give each song a mark between 1 and 10 (1 meaning you strongly dislike it and 10 meaning you think it's amazing). Commenting on the form is not an option this time because we encourage you to make the comments you want to do on the songs during the ceremony. Deadlines: Voting is open until noon of Monday 18/3(CET). The ceremony will take place on the evening of that day Vote here:https://forms.gle/PCxunhixm5MxBNq28 https://music.apple.com/us/album/motomami/1607918350
  5. Do you love RATS? Do you hate RATS? Well it's time for your voices to be heard! Fill out the survey form and let's find out which are the biggest RATS in Godga's career. SURVEY FORM: https://forms.gle/johDqDEiwVccyumW7 rat /rat/ mammal noun noun: rat; plural noun: rats 1. a rodent that resembles a large mouse, typically having a pointed snout and a long, sparsely haired tail. Some kinds have become cosmopolitan and are sometimes responsible for transmitting diseases. Voting ends January 31st. Ceremony will happen during February, just in time for awards season. Forms without usernames will not be counted. Tag list
  6. 💀 --------------- 💀 Welcome to the first ever Poppy album megarate! Inspired by @Impossible Princess 💀 --------------- 💀 I Disagree, the third studio album written by youtuber-turned-singer-songwriter Poppy (formerly known as Moriah Poppy and That Poppy), is definitely not something you would expect from someone like Poppy. Before this milestone in her career, Poppy (known in 2014-2017 as That Poppy) garnered viral attention by releasing videos in which she would appear as an uncanny android-like being that poked fun and satirized internet and modern culture and society. Her interesting yet creepy videos were the center of media attenion discussion from 2015 to 2018. Poppy started out by making bubblegum pop music up until 2018, when her second studio album Am I A Girl? showcased a glimpse of another side to Poppy that was heavily influenced by nu-metal. This side of Poppy was becoming increasingly more prevalent in 2019 when she released the EP Choke, and was solidified in 2020 following the release of I Disagree. Poppy has stated publicly, "The album as a whole is just about not stepping to anyone and disagreeing with people in positions of power and not accepting "no" for an answer or "you can't." And sometimes when people tell you [that], or at least when I'm told that I can't, it makes me want to have it more. It's all about burning down the music industry in a way and stepping out of any box that anyone might have tried to lock me up inside. The message is empowerment, not gender specific. Just empowerment." She has also said that even though it is her third album, it really feels like her first. Below, Poppy will provide us with insight on her feelings and all the anger that was welled up in inside her. 💀 --------------- 💀 RULES: #1 || You Must Rate Each Track From 1-14, 14 Being Your Favorite Track From The Album And 1 Being Your Least Favorite Track From The Album #2 || Zeroes Are Not Allowed Under Any Circumstances #3 || Do Not Troll #4 || Decimals Are Allowed #5 || Comments Are Not Necessary, But Are Highly Encouraged 💀 --------------- 💀 Poppy - I Disagree Submit rates using the link above. 💀 --------------- 💀 Last Date Of Submission: December 29th, 2021 Ceremony: December 31st, 2021 💀 --------------- 💀 TRACKLIST: 1. Concrete 2. I Disagree 3. BLOODMONEY 4. Anything Like Me 5. Fill The Crown 6. Nothing I Need 7. Sit / Stay 8. Bite Your Teeth 9. Sick Of The Sun 10. Don't Go Outside 11. If It Bleeds 12. Bleep Bloop 13. Khaos x4 14. Don't Ask 💀 --------------- 💀 LISTEN TO THE ALBUM: 💀 --------------- 💀 Anyone And Everyone Can Join This Megarate! <3
  7. @Bakugo @Clever Username @Dean of Clownmatica @Delusional @DonnieDarko @Fame Romance @GagaSine @GucciOreos @JJ Monster @Jeroin2000 @Krazy @Mr. V @PanPikus @NotDoctor @ReadyGaga @Sir.Sim @Sour Candy @SourCandy @artgagapop@nynj nights @donatellab @little legend the Emperor Welcome to the ceremony of the Dawn of Chromatica Megarate! feel free to comment anything you want on the songs as we reveal the positions, since we didn't ask for any comments in the form. I will reveal the first (or should I say last position) in a few minutes.
  8. Hey popsters! I don't think I need to explain how these things work at this point, so here we go You can vote in the Megarate on the link below. I highly encourage giving the whole album a listen before voting You have a week to vote (until 19/12) and we will decide the day of the ceremony later on! https://forms.gle/MxgS8s8JHkM9upqw9 Comment if you want to participate and/or want reminders before the deadline arrives tag list
  9. Welcome to the last megarate of the year! This time we'll be looking back at the biggest songs of 2021 and chosing which ones did we like the most (and the least). The songs have been selected following a very easy methodology: they are all released this year and were either #1 on Billboard's Global 200 chart or topped the chart in multiple of the main western markets (USA, UK, FR, DE). I don't think you need any time to get to know the songs because I assume you will know most of them, but just in case you have almost two weeks time to vote, until the 14th of this month. The following day we'll have the ceremony, we can choose the time it will happen later on. But please, make sure to listen to all of these songs. This time I'm not leaving a space to write comments because I feel like they are a lot of work for whoever is hosting the megarate and at the end of the day, no one reads all of them. So what I'm going to do is ask you to do is to keep them for the ceremony, and I hope we can discuss the songs there. TLDR: Deadline: 14/12 Ceremony 15/12 Listen all songs No comments for now, but they will be encouraged during the ceremony https://forms.gle/WU9tPrMMikQWiU1Z6 If you're interested in participating in this thread, please let me know! And if I didn't tag you I'm sorry but honestly I just tagged random people
  10. Hello! Welcome to yet another megarate by me, this time rating the continents Continent :~ Rules~ Link: https://forms.gle/pSz5uicChsaK3MsF7 Deadline: 20th September 2021 Ceremony: 24th September 2021 Taglist:-
  11. Hello! Welcome to yet another megarate by me, this time rating dawn of Chromatica: the remix album!! Tracklist:~ Rules~ Link: https://forms.gle/p5uba9NP69Hg5PpPA Deadline: 23th September 2021 Ceremony: 25th September 2021 Taglist:-
  12. WELCOME TO POPA911’S FIRST MEGARATE OF LADY GAGA’S UNRELEASED SONG COLLECTION! This is my first megarate, but it holds a special place in my heart with one of the songs in particular being the inspiration behind my username. But let’s be real, some of these songs are much better than other pop girl’s entire discographies. And with the ARTPOP Act II petition, several songs are back in the forefront of people’s minds, something I did not expect when I came to @Lorde Von Kok with the idea earlier this year. So I hope you all can have fun with this and rate as honestly as possible to bring some respect back to megarates and @MDNA's hard work. So… Which song will come out on top and be the “Bad Romance” to beat? Which era will prevail? Team ARTPOP Act II or Team The Fame Monster? Or will a song from the Stefani Germanotta Band era or The Fame era steal the show? How high will the most recent leak “We Could Be” place? Which song will be @little legend's Stupid Love? Stay tuned and make sure to vote! A big thanks to @KatieJudasGaga4 for helping me vet and compile songs YOUR TRACKLIST: NOT INCLUDED: RULES You have to rate (1-10) each and every track of the playlist You can also rate your most favorite track 11. Just one TRACK. You will be asked at the end of the survey and be given a chance to comment ZEROES are NOT allowed DECIMALS are NOT allowed Trolling is prohibited LISTEN HERE: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLygceOGl_WblybqSJNXo2ODTeZDv0klT9 SUBMIT YOUR RATES HERE: https://forms.gle/V88BF6Pkf58HL28c6 Last date of submission: 9th July Ceremony: 11th July MAY BE INTERESTED (I promise I’ll only do it once)
  13. WELCOME TO THE SUPER-MEGARATE on GAGA'S DISCOGRAPHY! Some may dismiss pop as inauthentic. But for Lady Gaga—one of popular culture’s greatest, most extravagant creations—the inauthenticity is the point. No artist has more defiantly embodied that provocation this century than the one born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (in New York in 1986). Never wedded to the same image—one minute wearing a dress made of raw meat at the MTV VMAs, the next a coat of Kermit the Frog puppets on German TV—Gaga personifies pop’s surface obsessions while simultaneously upending them. In a sense, her creative identity had crystallized by age 21, having been a child pianist, aspiring actor, and burlesque performer. Each of these facets powered her career’s most distinct parts: the celebrity fascination of her first two albums, 2008’s The Fame and 2009’s The Fame Monster; the subversive layering of 2011’s Born This Way and 2013’s ARTPOP; the sincere reverence of 2014’s Cheek to Cheek, her jazz standards album with Tony Bennett; and the rootsier songwriting of 2016’s Joanne. If 2009’s “Paparazzi” reveled in the flashes, then “Born This Way” celebrated inner light: In translating her diffuse identity into world-conquering art, Gaga has become a beacon to anyone else who’s felt like an outsider. Her loyal following—a.k.a. Little Monsters—has affirmed a deep connection to her message of self-love and self-expression, despite pop’s fickleness and her chameleonic exterior. She played out a simpler version of her path to fame in the 2018 remake of A Star Is Born: But while her character’s ascent was abetted by her lover, Gaga’s was all her own. Rules: 1) You have to rate (1-10) each and every track of the album. 2) Trolling is prohibited. Submit your rates here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1b0OPJ2WxOp0ZEcUDbEPUD7u3jE2gFDtJJEEDYPb_MNM/ LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION: 30th APRIL CEREMONY: 1st MAY
  14. Hello! Welcome to yet another megarate by me, this time rating the months of the year. This megarate will have a normal submittion period, unlike the previous one, I promise The months~~ Rules~ Link: https://forms.gle/55WPKRAgMcMP2y888 Deadline: Saturday, April 10th 2021 Ceremony: April 17th 2021, 8pm GMT+3 taglist~
  15. Welcome to the Zodiac Signs Megarate We all belong to one family next to eleven others. Zodiac signs are one of the most interesting subjects, despite some massive hate sometimes. It's a way for people to create easy discussions, feel a stronger connectio or have answers to their questions. In this light-hearted megarate, you are asked to rate all twelve Zodiac signs, including your own. LINK - Rate the Zodiac signs from 1-10 (Decimals are accepted) - Trolling will be deleted. - You can give your least favorite a 0, but only once. - You can give your most favorite an 11, but only once. CEREMONY - March 28th
  16. Hey everyone! Sia's amazing Holiday album "Everyday Is Christmas" came out on November 17th, 2017, exactly THREE years ago!!!! So today I decided to do a megarate for it!!! The megarate will be closed for Entry on Tuesday, December 8th Make sure you listen to every single song before sending any rates! AND you can only have 2 "11"'s!!! Now go have fun! Stream the holiday classic-to be, Everyday Is Christmas!!!! Submit your rates here!!!! https://forms.gle/C2iP9JZGF9DxxnvZ9 Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!!!
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