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  1. Universal Music Group is set to launch a digital supergroup called Kingship which is made up of four ape avatars from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project. Kingship will launch under UMG's 10:22pm label, who have reportedly hired a team of crypto artists and animators to turn the virtual ape avatars into a band. Bloomberg reports that Kingship will perform and feature in video games, VR applications and the metaverse. 10:22pm boss Celine Joshua said of the group, "You can call it an NFT band, or think of them as characters. The characters will come to life. The apes will come to life." The piece also states that each virtual ape from Kingship will have its own identity, and 10:22pm are currently planning a campaign to tell each of their stories as a way to introduce the group to potential fans.
  2. On a Lovato-themed Gaia page for their fans, the singer’s supporters can view a free episode of a Gaia show about an “ancient space program” before signing up for a $11.99 monthly Gaia membership. Lovato’s “handpicked favorite” shows, according to the website, include a series positing that Atlantis was real and that humanity is living in the aftermath of a battle between giants and lizard-like “reptilians.” Gaia’s own corporate culture is awash in conspiracy theories, according to a February report in Business Insider. Employees discussed QAnon and InfoWars, according to the report. Confusingly, employees were told that materials promoting a documentary about a benevolent alien species called “Blue Avians” required approval from the Blue Avians, as if they were real, Business Insider reported. Gaia denied that allegation.
  3. Facebook, Inc. (stylized as FACEBOOK) has been renamed to Meta, Inc. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company, announced this during the Connect 2021 keynote. Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus, among others.
  4. https://amp.theguardian.com/environment/2021/oct/25/climate-crisis-greenhouse-gas-levels-hit-new-record-un-reports?__twitter_impression=true « Levels of climate-heating gases in the atmosphere hit record levels in 2020, despite coronavirus-related lockdowns, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization has announced. The concentration of carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas, is now 50% higher than before the Industrial Revolution sparked the mass burning of fossil fuels. Methane levels have more than doubled since 1750. All key greenhouse gases (GHG) rose faster in 2020 than the average for the previous decade and this trend has continued in 2021, the WMO report found. » yall better start eating LOCAL and ORGANIC foods
  5. She said it’s “for people who are making clubs at home in their living room, restricted to their ‘Christmas bubble.'” She compared the sound of the album to “a man who was headbanging, then sat down again and had another glass of red wine, and everyone is home by ten o’clock, done with the dancing and everything.”
  6. Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun and injured the director Joel Souza. Hutchins, 42, was transported by helicopter to University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, where she died. Souza, 48, was taken by ambulance to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe, where he received emergency treatment for his injuries, according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office.
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