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Found 4 results

  1. What would the ideal ARTPOP Act II track list be? With ARTPOP getting 10 years old next year it would be cool with an act II release as a bonus CD to the original. With that being said, idk if Act II would have new visuals etc, but more as a bonus cd full with (so far) unreleased material. So we all know Tea is one of the most famous songs on act II, and was one of the most hyped songs prior to original release, but never got to be on the album for some reason. So maybe that would be? Also Temple, would make sense as it was hyped as well. However, songs like red flame and tinnitus would probably not get released because of the whole situation with her collab etc, but maybe? Anyhow: this is what I’d like for an anniversary release. Also to note: This would be like an ending to the ARTPOP era as a whole, In my opinion, ARTPOP act II should be a bonus to what ARTPOP was and officially close the unfinished stuff from then, however; only if gaga is ready for it to be released to the public, and yes I know these are VERY few tracks, but in all honesty it would be better to have few tracks as a closure so fans can move on (if they want lol) from this era. Just my opinion maybe but a 2CD release with 7 unheard songs plus an intro/outro would make this a more clear closer than Act II as its own release, but hey it would be cool with that as well. ARTPOP: 10-year anniversary Original 14-track album plus never heard songs from before. CD 1: ARTPOP original album CD 2 1. Artpop act II intro 2. Temple 3. Hallelujah (finished version!) 4. Ratchet 5. Tea 6. Partynauseous 7. Brooklyn Nights 8. ARTPOP part II 9. ARTPOP act II outro As for vinyl, it would probably be a 3LP-release :) Also, if there already is a discussion thread for Artpop act II let me know, but it feels better to have a separate thread for this as it’s a big topic for some fans. This is also just a general topic for artpop 10 year anniversary more than Artpop act II so we can post any discussions or rumours about a release like it here if you’d like, or post your concepts, thank you for reading.🙏🏻 OFFICIAL INFORMATION SO FAR (SPOILERS):
  2. Who’s ready for Gaga’s next masterpiece? Adam Driver x Gaga coming for Oscars Follow the OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT HERE: https://twitter.com/houseofguccimov 1st Trailer: 2nd Trailer:
  3. This thread is for any kind of Gaga discussion that doesnt really fit in any other thread. Like a General Discussion thread that focusses on the queen! Enjoy!
  4. Official topic to discuss Gaga and Tony's upcoming album, Love for Sale. Release date: TBD, August-October 2021 likely. A private MTV Unplugged show was recorded on July 2nd at the Angel Orensanz Center in Manhattan. Two shows are scheduled for the album under the name, "One Last Time" at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on August 3rd and 5th. Rumors Tracklist Artwork
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