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  1. Reading this forum and Twitter I often read some statements such as "we are few fans" but in reality we are a huge fanbase perhaps not very noisy compared to a time and very lazy. Sometimes I hear about how the Swifties are the biggest fandom, at other times the Army, the Beliebers etc ... But I noticed that all Gaga's Instagram pages have at least 200/300 followers (the smallest) and grow fast with an ever-growing comments section. I just think if our fandom were more active in week one sales and streaming Gaga support we would be the biggest fanbase in everyone's eyes. Opinions?
  2. IDK if this is gonna be a thread or not but i'll just dump my singing clips here lmao have fun listening or not ??? https://vocaroo.com/1uAafDsO3Bpl
  3. https://instagram.com/popa911forum?utm_medium=copy_link Please follow the Instagram profile of our forum. Instagram is the most used social network and could help our forum grow even more.
  4. Choose your preferred song from each album and see what your final score is! 1. Born To Die vs. Cruel World 2. Off To The Races vs. Ultraviolence 3. Blue Jeans vs. Shades of Cool 4. Video Games vs. Brooklyn Baby 5. Diet Mountain Dew vs. West Coast 6. National Anthem vs. Sad Girl 7. Dark Paradise vs. Pretty When You Cry 8. Radio vs. Money Power Glory 9. Carmen vs. f-ed My Way Up To The Top 10. Million Dollar Man vs. Old Money 11. Summertime Sadness vs. The Other Woman 12. This Is What Makes Us Girls vs. Black Beauty 14. Without You vs. Guns and Roses 15. Lolita vs. Florida Kilos Born To Die: Ultraviolence:
  5. Thoughts on this new rank I’ve discovered? An honour to be the first @admin! :Delulu-bird: is my gift for 25k it seems
  6. New site updates being uploaded? Spill the tea on the server outage. Is :delulu-bird: finally coming? @admin Any theories, fellow poppers?
  7. Hey there proud plant dad’s and mom’s used this thread to share everything about plants/gardening that you like •bought a new plant? Why not share it’s photo here!! •got any gardening tips? Why not share it with everyone!!
  8. how y'all feel about this new trend of redoing music as covers but in older languages/older instrumentation?? i like it a lot but also,,,it makes me seem too hipster,,, see: and ofc,,,to keep tingz on brandtz,,,
  9. Happy Earth day, bestie . May you enjoy nature and appreciate its beauty every day.
  10. Welcome to the second album battle! I'll be comparing Future Nostalgia: Moonlight Edition and Lover! How it works: I'll be comparing songs by track listing. I'll put the winning song in bold. Whichever album gets the most points wins! 1. Future Nostalgia vs I Forgot That You Existed 2. Don't Start Now vs Cruel Summer 3. Cool vs Lover 4. Physical vs The Man 5. Levitating vs The Archer 6. Pretty Please vs I Think He Knows 7. Hallucinate vs Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince 8. Love Again vs Paper Rings 9. Break My Heart vs Cornelia Street 10. Boys Will Be Boys vs Death by a Thousand Cuts 11. Good in Bed vs London Boy 12. Fever vs Soon You'll Get Better 13. We're Good vs False God 14. Prisoner vs You Need to Calm Down 15. If it Ain't Me vs Afterglow 16. That Kind of Woman vs Me! 17. Not my Problem vs It's Nice to Have a Friend 18. Levitating ft. DaBaby vs Daylight FNME: 12 Lover: 6 FNME wins! What albums should I do next?
  11. I've gotten this idea from a few channels on youtube, so credit to them! Today, I'm going to be comparing my two favorite albums, Future Nostalgia and Reputation! How it works: I'll be comparing songs by track listing. I'll put the winning song in bold. Whichever album gets the most points wins! 1. Future Nostalgia vs ...Ready For It? 2. Don't Start Now vs End Game 3. Cool vs I Did Something Bad 4. Physical vs Don't Blame Me 5. Levitating vs Delicate 6. Pretty Please vs Look What You Made Me Do 7. Hallucinate vs So It Goes... 8. Love Again vs Gorgeous 9. Break My Heart vs Getaway Car 10. Good in Bed vs King of My Heart 11. Boys Will Be Boys vs Dancing With Our Hands Tied Future Nostalgia- 5 Reputation- 6 Reputation wins!
  12. Inspired by the legend himself, Maximilianos. PC: @little legend
  13. I know not everyone has a good relationship with their parents but hopefully most of you do, even if it’s at least with one parent. Feel free to share your answer below or just vote in the poll
  14. The Oreos I won have just arrived. I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am! Thank you soooo much
  15. Hi Popsters, drop ya skincare routine. Also, feel free to include your skin type and approx cost for each item. Makeup items are welcome too.
  16. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, share your favorite ones here These are my personal favorites
  17. I know there are Millennials and Gen Z's here, but out off all the music you've heard and listened and from you're parents and grandparents. In you're opinion what is the best decade of music?
  18. Moderators know the answer so they cant guess. Popsters, I wanna give you the opportunity to guess how many users this forum has now. And then moderators can give the correct answer a few days later if popsters go the chance to post a guess. So how many users in total do you think this forum has?
  19. Hey Popsters! Thanks to everyone who submitted options for this month's emote competition. Below are the ones selected as potential emotes to be uploaded. Vote for up to 6 of your favs in the poll and the emotes with the most votes will be uploaded once voting closes. :prideheart: :neonalien: :tiredaf: :fuming: :heartkiss: :hearteyes: :peaceout: :ilikeit: :yasss: :dollarsign: :homeofsexual: :hwyunicorn: :isee: :hey_there: :sassysalem: :darkmode: :booo: Voting closes 31/03/21
  20. So I’ve been thinking about making a thread similar to our “All things U.S. politics” thread but for international politics (one that focuses on politics outside the U.S.). But I’m not sure if there is a demand for it. Would it be better to just make separate threads about certain issues/events going on around the world or just make the international politics thread and post stuff in there?
  21. Somehow someone told me I was overexposed a couple weeks ago. Yet I just reached 15K reputation points. Why?
  22. I wanna wish happy Women’s Day to all of the powerful and fierce ladies of POPA911! You’re all gorgeous, important and amazing, and today is the day to embrace yourselves and other women around you! Stream this masterpiece by two powerful women
  23. If y'all don't know him (I don't either ), he seems to be a very popular YouTuber (54 millions subscribers) and having the most cringy-obvious clickbait thumbnails. Now, he recently posted a video of him selling a whole house which has a gym, a lounge, etc. for $1. What's the tea? Do y'all know him? Why does he have so much money? Is he a Jake/Logan Paul 2.0? Please, I'm confused.
  24. By popular demand I created a thread to share my music with those of you who are interested in hearing it. Original Music projects: Season One Mixtape (september 2018) https://m.soundcloud.com/andreusongs/sets/season-one Spring Stories EP (May 2019) Forget About You - single (May 2020) This one tanked tho Music Videos Remixes covers @... @danwasd
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