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Found 14 results

  1. Which of the following would you most like on the remix album? I'm not including some major artists (Britney, Taylor, Bad Bunny, Cardi, Megan) etc. - it's unlikely they'd appear on this type of project.
  2. Which of our yeehaw satan's hits are yo favorite? Pick song and video Old Town Road Panini Rodeo Holiday Montero (Call Me By Your Name)
  3. Which of the listed albums assumed to come out this year do you want most? Sorry for all the other albums you're hyped about.
  4. Focusing on the ladies today, what was your favorite performance? Ignoring In Memoriam performances, but might so something with those later! 1.) Megan Thee Stallion - Body / Savage 2.) Cardi B / Mehan Thee Stallion - Up / WAP 3.) Mickey Guyton - Black Like Me 4.) Haim - The Steps 5.) Doja Cat - Say So 6.) Dua Lipa - Levitating/Don’t Start Now 7.) Taylor Swift - cardigan / august / willow 8.) Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted 9.) Maren Morris - The Bones 10.) Miranda Lambert - Bluebird
  5. Which song do you think will replace Driver's License on the Hot 100? Might it happen post Grammys? Maybe later? Do we need a surprise drop from Adele? Will the BTS army go wild after the Grammys? Will Lil Nas finally release his next big hit "Call Me By Your Name?" Get your predictions in now before the Grammys.
  6. If we could only have one more music video for Chromatica, what should it be? Your call on what is most important to you (your favorite song, chart success, potential visuals, etc). Maybe if we try really hard and get a big response she'll listen
  7. This isn't realistic at all, but fun to debate anyway. I want all the success, critical acclaim and Oscars.
  8. If Gaga were to release only one original song this year, what would you want?
  9. This is just in the last decade. I want everyone to pick your favorite 3 (otherwise, Gaga would get 99% of the vote).
  10. I didn't include every ballad, so sorry! But the best
  11. Which one could you not live without? The rest of your life you can only watch/listen to one. Not about success or acclaim, just you. Inauguration (2021) - The Star-Spangled Banner Super Bowl (2017) - God Bless America / This Land is Your Land Super Bowl (2016) - The Star-Spangled Banner Pride (2013) - The Star-Spangled 'Gay' Banner
  12. You can switch the singles from one Gaga album. Do you do it for charts, for preference or just to see how it might've altered Gaga's career? You tell me.
  13. We're going to be redoing all of the graphics on our reactions in the next month! To go along with this, we might rename a few of our current reactions. Please vote for your favorite reaction names to help decide what we do.
  14. Our first ever weekly poll. Expect a new one each week, to be found in the hub page.
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