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  1. Just was thinking about how a lot of her eras have been really rough at times.. Anybody got any ideas as to why or am I just flop
  2. I wanted to discuss about what will happen to Enigma? Because her last performance of Enigma was Feb 1st, 2020 and according to her contract that she was supposed to finish her show this year 2021, which is the full 2 year contract. It's kinda obvious Enigma won't happen this year but do you guys think this will be enough to break the 2 year contract and where she will have to make another new residency in 2022?
  3. Did anyone else completely not know Gaga wore this outfit for the artRAVE once? I’ve genuinely never seen or heard anyone ever talking about it - I’ve only ever seen the original golden wings/white bob look so I’m super shocked Does anyone know any extra info? Like why she switched outfits? Why this particular date? Was it worn multiple times? As usual, what are your general thoughts?
  4. Should Gaga work with Charlie Puth - whether as producer/writer or a collab? He makes insane ear worms - just as she does. Imagine the banger! Thoughts?
  5. Poll included On the one hand, seeing everything that has gone on I'm thinking this era is just like artpop except good PR and a Grammy. There's big gaps, rumours of an EP, but then Gaga dyes her hair dark and a jazz album looms. Commercially the era wasn't that big of a hit either - it did well but came and went and past day one the album/singles never had any sort of stability. On the other hand, interviews and some statements seem to suggest there's more. The SOPHIE songs, the tour still to be completed, Oreo competition. Thoughts?
  6. Hello poppers, So I had this argument with my bf about which song on Joanne is the most mellow. I think it's DiC and he thinks it's Sinner's Prayer. Select all you think apply! I based my answers on the vocals (DiC has mostly low, mellow vocals except for one shout) but feel free to use your own definition. I didn't include obviously energetic songs.
  7. Hi! I’m making a list of songs that got scrapped from her shows and want to know if anyone knows about any more songs that got scrapped???? Maybe how the arrangements for a few songs went or anything like that? Would definitely help! Here is what I got so far: The Fame Ball Tour 1.0.: Fashion Paparazzi (Acoustic) (if you exclude The Chapel show) The Born This Way Ball 1.0.: Dance in the Dark So Happy I Could Die Bad Kids (Extended Verse) Out of Control (Rumor) ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour 1.0.: Brooklyn Nights Aura (E
  8. List order of best songs from the top 5/10 catalogue Stupid Love Alejandro Paparazzi Lovegame Applause Telephone The Edge of Glory Million Reasons The Cure
  9. Genius.com lists her as a writer on Poker Face Hew is she? “POKER FACE” TRACK INFO Produced ByRedOne Written ByCharlotte Thersen, RedOne & Lady Gaga Release DateSeptember 26, 2008 https://genius.com/artists/Charlotte-thersen?_gl=1*uvqi2z*_ga*YW1wLXFST1NJTG50dTBBTW13Zk1DTW5DUHU3Vkw3UDZ4TThwZlRkUVRiUzRzdkRNaXRnSHVwc2luZkctRW9xSWYtakE.
  10. what is that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JD9z44-LLE
  11. Would you be here for Gaga starring and voicing a character in a Disney Pixar animated film? The whole package: voice acting, soundtrack, original song, huge promo. As a side project of course. Would you see her as a princess, a villain, a heroine...? Let me know.
  12. Which is of these two pop stars- buisenesswomen are better sellers? The Oreo-seller ? or the shoe-seller?
  13. I did and they taste different. In the packaging, it says that it’s just the Golden Oreo but in pink. I taste something different though. The formula is crunchier.
  14. 11 +18 Lady Gaga 1403 Shallow iTunes: #1 Austria #2 Luxembourg #4 Germany #4 Switzerland #6 Slovakia #7 Lithuania #10 Italy #10 Namibia #12 Czech Republic #12 Hong Kong #17 New Zealand #17 Spain #22 Mauritius
  15. Title. Last track you played from the album?
  16. Gaga offers you any one of her unreleased projects for you to get this tattoo - what do you choose? Do you even accept the offer?
  17. After discussion in the charts thread with @zcasx and the WTF react from fellow farmer @Delusional I thought this thread would be cool to show off our “non-official Gaga merch” This is probably my favourite white shirt I own.
  18. Hi, "Best Taste 2021" winner here. 9 months later, and there’s STILL no song on Coronamatica that is seeing 1000 Doves. Why is this song still holding up so well and actually getting better over time? Discuss.
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