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  1. What is your theory for the new Vegas pop show? I know it maybe to far to know but it is interesting an thing to think about. My theory is it could be two different things, it could be the original concept of Enigma or it could be Chromatica related because she could use the map as a story line or it could be anything. Only thing that has been confirmed recently that the Chromatica songs will be in the show, Though someone did put out an interesting point that considering Gaga didn't put any ARTPOP songs at the Chromatica Ball show. That the new Vegas show could be ARTPOP Act II related. What do you guys think?
  2. I'm curious as to how you guys stream her. I'll also share mine so we can discuss 1. What platform(s)? Spotify and YouTube for me but Spotify is easily accessible. 2. How often? Almost daily for me. There will be hours I listen to nothing but her. I do take a break from her music every now and then because I need some variety. When I feel like it, I leave her streaming overnight to help boost her stats. 3. Do you listen only to her singles? Entire albums? A curated playlist? Your own playlist? I have a "pop" playlist full of nothing but pop girl songs but I will queue/arrange it so most of her songs get played including album deep cuts. I will queue or loop entire albums if I'm in the mood for them. I would also queue songs that I like to reach a certain milestone faster. I want her deep cuts to get regular streams because aside from I really enjoy most of them, I want her overall discography to look better. I tend to get obsessed with numbers hence my presence in the chart threads. When it comes to her singles/hits, I would play others more than the rest (i.e., I tend to like Alejandro more than Telephone; Judas more than BTW/TEOG).
  3. Title. Do you think the White Demon meltdown will be topped? discuss
  4. Title says it all. If Gaga were to include some unreleased songs on an upcoming album, which one of these unreleased songs on the poll would y'all choose? You can only choose 4 of them. The rest will go away. Earthquake and I Wanna Be With You are excluded bc Earthquake turned into FOHL and IWBWY turned into Dope. Fashion is also excluded as it was featured on the Confessions Of A Shopaholic soundtrack. Vanity is excluded too bc it appeared and technically is on ten year anniversary edition of 'The Fame'. Your choices: Brooklyn Nights PARTYNAUSEOUS Nothing On (But The Radio) Out Of Control Remix Reloaded The Greatest Thing Glamor Zombie Princess Die RATCHET Superstar Thoughts?
  5. Which artists wouldn’t you want Gaga to collab with? For me it’s Ed Sheerat and BTS
  6. If TIHTY won the Oscar in 2016 would Gaga still have won the Oscar for Shallow in 2019?
  7. Should Gaga work with Charlie Puth - whether as producer/writer or a collab? He makes insane ear worms - just as she does. Imagine the banger! Thoughts?
  8. Did this 2008 episode of Supernatural inspire Gaga's 3rd album/era? Transcript: DRACULA "Real" is being born this way. Different. "Real" is having your dad call you "monster" -- it's the first time you hear the word. And he tries to beat you to death with a shovel. Everywhere I ran, everywhere I tried to hide, people found me, dragged me out, attacked me. Called me "freak," called me "monster." The album title? Being called a monster? Different people being bullied and attacked? The Black and white aesthetics? Is Dean a hunter? Discuss
  9. I haven't been here in a while, so I wanted to create this thread! What are your favorite Gaga songs? Here is mine! I need to mention that this video is from 10 to 1.
  10. Is it time for Gaga to explore R&B properly? She’s dabbled with it in the past (DWUW, Posh Life, even SHICD gives me R&B) and she has the perfect vocals for it imo (The Cure, DWUW, Out Of Control) so what do y’all think? Should she? Would you rather she explore another sound? If she did do R&B, are there any artists you’d want her to work with? Discuss besties.
  11. Hi ! It was to ask if any of you don't have an instrumental version of Nothing On (But The Radio) because all the videos have been removed on Youtube for copyright. Because I am doing a Drive where I have placed the songs that we know from ARTPOP ACT II Thank you
  12. I was just listening and watching HOMECOMING by Beyoncé because she’s hugely grown on me the past couple weeks and I’m in shock at how top notch and revolutionary her tours are. The stages, setlists, choreo, vocals etc. are all so iconic and next level it’s insane! However, it made me a bit sad when I thought about it because yes Beyoncé and Gaga are two wildly different performers but Gaga really needs to do something new on her tours... I’m no mind reader and idk what will happen with TCB, but problem with Haus of Gaga is they keep recycling the same ideas and it’s getting boring. I already have an inkling that on TCB there is gonna be a JD - Telephone - LoveGame segment, where she has a Chromatica themed disco stick and the same old choreo too. Bad Romance will be the closer, the piano segment will feature You and I even though it doesn’t fit the tour at all, and hits that nobody needs to hear live for the 50th time like Alejandro and Paparazzi will be given the full spotlight even though they could do with a trim to 2 minutes each. I think new concepts, new versions of the songs, new smoother choreo, breakdowns, audience lighting (rings on sweetener tour etc) would all be such huge changes that I really hope her team implements on TCB because her concerts I feel are becoming predictable. Imagine if Gaga had a whole a** orchestra on tour with her doing the Chromatica interludes - like Bey had the marching band for homecoming? Anyone else feel the same? This isn’t me bashing Gaga’s concerts btw because they are GOOD and she’s an incredible performer but her and her team need to start thinking of ways to change stuff up. Let’s discuss Poppers.
  13. In your opinion what kind of music will the Top Gun song be? Personally I would love a song like " nothing breaks like a heart" by Miley and M. Ronson. But I'd also like a song like ARUTW or a rock song like you and i.
  14. Would y’all be here for a Gaga x Lizzo collab? If yes, what sort of sound do you think they would do great with together? Stream:
  15. Ok part II of the polling of opinions on cross-references in Gaga's discography. Some are duplicates among polls. Comment with any I missed/you think should be included
  16. I wanted to discuss about what will happen to Enigma? Because her last performance of Enigma was Feb 1st, 2020 and according to her contract that she was supposed to finish her show this year 2021, which is the full 2 year contract. It's kinda obvious Enigma won't happen this year but do you guys think this will be enough to break the 2 year contract and where she will have to make another new residency in 2022?
  17. Did anyone else completely not know Gaga wore this outfit for the artRAVE once? I’ve genuinely never seen or heard anyone ever talking about it - I’ve only ever seen the original golden wings/white bob look so I’m super shocked Does anyone know any extra info? Like why she switched outfits? Why this particular date? Was it worn multiple times? As usual, what are your general thoughts?
  18. Poll included On the one hand, seeing everything that has gone on I'm thinking this era is just like artpop except good PR and a Grammy. There's big gaps, rumours of an EP, but then Gaga dyes her hair dark and a jazz album looms. Commercially the era wasn't that big of a hit either - it did well but came and went and past day one the album/singles never had any sort of stability. On the other hand, interviews and some statements seem to suggest there's more. The SOPHIE songs, the tour still to be completed, Oreo competition. Thoughts?
  19. Hello poppers, So I had this argument with my bf about which song on Joanne is the most mellow. I think it's DiC and he thinks it's Sinner's Prayer. Select all you think apply! I based my answers on the vocals (DiC has mostly low, mellow vocals except for one shout) but feel free to use your own definition. I didn't include obviously energetic songs.
  20. Hi! I’m making a list of songs that got scrapped from her shows and want to know if anyone knows about any more songs that got scrapped???? Maybe how the arrangements for a few songs went or anything like that? Would definitely help! Here is what I got so far: The Fame Ball Tour 1.0.: Fashion Paparazzi (Acoustic) (if you exclude The Chapel show) The Born This Way Ball 1.0.: Dance in the Dark So Happy I Could Die Bad Kids (Extended Verse) Out of Control (Rumor) ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour 1.0.: Brooklyn Nights Aura (Extended Intro) Do What U Want (Full Solo Version) Scheiße (Rumor) Onion Girl (Interlude) (Rumor?) The Edge of Glory (Studio Version) (Rumor?) - Onion Girl (Interlude) & The Edge of Glory are most likely fake. Coachella Festival: Perfect Illusion Do What U Want Marry the Night Paparazzi Dancin’ In Circles (rumored) Cake (Like Lady Gaga) (Rumored) Jewels N’ Drugs (feat. Twista) (rumored) Summerboy (rumored) MANiCURE (rumored) Joanne World Tour 1.0.: Intro/Judas/Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix Outro) Dance in the Dark Venus Black Jesus Amen Fashion Hair G.U.Y. Marry the Night Just Another Day Sinner’s Prayer Sexxx Dreams Speechless Grigio Girls Gypsy Dope Yoü and I Hey Girl Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) Fashion! Do What U Want Bloody Mary (Stadium Shows) Monster (rumor?) Summerboy (rumor?) ENIGMA: The Las Vegas Residency: Bloody Mary Marry the Night ARTPOP Heavy Metal Lover (theory based off concept art) Thanks in advance for anything!
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