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  1. This has been on streaming for some time. However, it’s been discussed and still not any sight of being taken down, and it indeed has a lot of streams so people have found it. But it’s been on Spotify for long time now and it isn’t removed, so is this uploaded by Gaga herself? Link and further description: Even song lyrics for this exact track is posted on Spotify, and I don’t know how copyright works exactly but if someone would upload this illegally, wouldn’t it be removed? (ArtRave version btw) but it’s remastered!
  2. apparently, there are rumors that Gaga and Bradley are teaming up again for the remake of 'Cabaret' would y'all be here for it? honestly, i'm here for it bc Gaga always amazes me as an actress and i think she will do an amazing job! and i think Gaga will be able to fill Liza's shoes and will play that role FLAWLESSLY. after ASIB and HOG, she better do this! she's THE ACTRESS of our time! Thoughts?
  3. I fear this would be the end of days if it happens
  4. Another no.1 worldwide hit for Justin in the basket!
  5. i kinda hope not cuz Gags and Ariana are way above this but so many pages have apparently shared this rumor
  6. A friend just texted me (who is not an online Stan) that he heard the tour was cancelled. Seems to have started from people on @Twitter: Anyone get their tickets refunded? I haven't seen anything personally for the Boston or NJ shows.
  7. My friend @MiKEY pointed this out to us, a German (French) website just started release some details about the Chromatica Vinyl that’s coming out soon. This is what the website says: Clearly it shows whoever wrote this did their research about the album, so is Free Woman actually the next single? Discuss. Personally I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOVE it! I’m ALWAYS in the mood to hear it in the car and it always gives me a sweet green/teal vibe that’s perfect for spring/summer. I love it so much, and the vocals are something that people will appreciate especially on the last chorus
  8. Our very own insider Brie Candy commented in the charts discussion saying: ”Chromatica (My Dancefloor Edition)” read the meltdowns HERE:
  9. It looks like Gaga has responded to the ARTPOP ACT II petition in the comment section. Her verified change.org account redirects to her Twitter.
  10. “For now she has her eyes on a pop star who has recently crossed over into movies” NOT AN APRIL FOOLS YALL..... her Tony might be coming, what do you think? Is Gaga coming for an EGOT? Discuss!
  11. Mr S - an incredibly reliable insider on ATRL - has just recently announced that Olivia Rodrigo’s self titled debut album will be available to pre order today - and that it has 11 tracks. are you excited? do you think this is true?
  12. According to Entertainment Tonight, Britney Spears is considering doing a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey after her striking interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. "Britney has considered speaking out about her past, mostly because she doesn't feel others should tell her story," the source says. 'She's always hated doing interviews but if she ever takes that step, Oprah would most likely be her first choice.'" https://www.etonline.com/britney-spears-has-thought-about-speaking-out-is-much-happier-amid-support-from-fans-source-says
  13. It seems like the second single is on the way! Will she go no.1 again? Stay tuned..
  14. So let's tag it as a rumour as of now, but I think at this point it's pretty obvious Yesterday Bad Bunny posted this to her story As you can see, these nails are really similars to the one Rosalia had in her most recent video Lo Vas A Olvidar with Billie Eilish And now miss Benito has tweeted some lyrics of the song, to make it even more obvious Their collaboration La Noche de Anoche appeared on Bad Bunny's latest album El Último Tour Del Mundo, and despite not being a single or receiving any kind of promo has over 200M streams on Spotify and more than 170M on YouTube.
  15. Lady Gaga is the subject of several bets, including the duration of the national anthem she will sing. The over/under has been placed at 120 seconds, according to BetOnline.ag. At Super Bowl 50 in 2016, Gaga performed the anthem in 129 seconds, according to OddsShark. She is known to change up her hair style frequently, so bettors can put money on what color it will be Wednesday. Here are those odds, courtesy of SportsBettingDime.com. White/Blonde, -200 Brown, +375 Blue, +400 Pink, +500 Red, +1,200 “Lady Gaga knows style, but she also carries herself with class. She’s not going to try out some wild hairstyle for the inauguration,
  16. At the Italian edition of Big Brother a model (Mario Ermito) was speaking about his experience with Lady Gaga on the set of a music video. Shortly before the italian date of the artRave, she apparently shot the MV for the ARTPOP track Donatella, in the Versace Palace. The clip, filmed but never officially released, featured Gaga going down the stairs and dancing with many dancers dressed with armors. The video included Donatella herself.
  17. Blackpink uploaded an IG story, where they are rehearsing for their online concert and one of the members is practicing Sour Candy in the background. Could Gaga be joining them for a surprise performance?
  18. https://www.northendhaarlem.nl/a-62434692/vinyl/lana-del-rey-chemtrails-over-the-country-club-2lp/#description This website has listed Chemtrails Over The Contry Club's vinyl a few hours ago, and apparently the album will come out on March 5th.
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