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Found 11 results

  1. My grandpa, whom I affectionately call Gampa and who I take my first name from, is currently hospitalized with possible septic shock, and my grandma has called a priest. He's 91 and has lived a long, fulfilling life, and I have a gut feeling this is the end.
  2. Hello guys! Yes I'm just going to make a new thread to tell my story. You guys deserve that. I'm really inactive and that has a reason. Maybe you've heard it, or read it somewhere else, but I've been struggling with my mental health issues. I have been seeking help and I've just started several trajects with professionals. First I'm gonna get a research and then maybe therapy or medicines to get better. The latest news is that I do have a diagnose, even if its just one for the time being. I have a depression. I'm truly sorry that I've been away for so long. I'm also sorry to the modteam I've not been there to support them. I hope you guys understand the reason. @Bakugo @admin @Sir.Sim @SLAG @joesudaI love you guys! I also want to say hi to all of you! I hope you guys are doing well and enjoy your time on the forums! I still love you guys! Take care of yourself, take care of your friends and family. And realize that mental health issues are more common than you think.
  3. What do you remember? Where were you when it happened? Never forget! Thoughts to the friends and families of all the victims!
  4. https://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/361377-sza-requested-a-black-photographer-for-a-magazine-cover-got-denied/ Check out this disgusting thread.
  5. First of all I wanna apologise if this is in the wrong topic or tag, I wasn't entirely sure what to put it under. Okay, so I'd really appreciate some advice, because I obviously have my perspective, but outside views might help me paint a different picture, or reaffirm that I'm doing the right thing. I don't wanna get into all the messy details, but I don't wanna live at home anymore. Mind you, I'm a grown adult (20), and am fully capable of moving out, and taking care of myself. The problem is money. Currently I work at target as a Casual, three days a week for 3-5 hours each shift. This gives me a decent amount of money, not much, but enough to spend and such. The reason I only do three shifts, is because I also do uni full time, and that takes up huge chunks of my time. But I can't stand being here anymore. I'm constantly stressed, my father is low-key homophobic, and high-key controlling. My mother can be emotionally-manipulative, and can make me feel worthless at times (She's well meaning.. I think, she just does it unknowingly). But bringing it up with either of them results in nothing changing, and me feeling guilty about upsetting them. So, I'm thinking of taking a break from uni, maybe just for the year, maybe a couple. Just so I can work full time, earn some cash and move out. Hopefully then I can support myself and juggle uni on top. It'd be hard, but perhaps a much better situation then the one I'm in now. Anyway, I'd really appreciate some advice. Tell me I'm being irrational, or agree with me, maybe somewhere in between. Anything to help me, because right now my mind is a mess or jumbled words and emotions.
  6. I did this thread cause someones threads gets on my nerves and so I decided to do my own to get on peoples nerv My TOP 30: 1-15: Chromatica 15-20:Born this way 20-25;Joanne 26: Artpop 27:The Fame Monster 28:The Fame 29:ASIB 30: Cheek to cheek Top 30 songs: 1-14 Chromatica tracks 15-20 Born this way tracks 20-25: Joanne Tracks 27: The Fame mosnter tracks 28: The Fame tracks 29: ASIB tracks 30&1: Til it happens to you Top EPS of the Year: The chromatica remixes The Born this way remixes The Fame Monster Remixes The Fame Remixes Rina Sawayama Songs I heard Ms Bubbles EP my unrelease music
  7. I don't know if the mods will be happy about me mentioning them and it's prob on the wrong forum.... To all the staff (if I bothered you guys, I'm sorry) Y'all are the best: @admin@Twitter @Bakugo @SLAG @Dirkje @PETTY @KatieJudasGaga4 @kaelergrey @Lorde Von Kok @Breathin @corvus albus @Joannesrats @Modern Ecstasy2 @paradox @Doot I just have a thank you message to the staff and everyone: To Popa911 Staff and to Everyone, First thing I wanted to say is thank you very much for being the best role models and people in this forum website. I joined this forum during the worst times of the year (we won't bring that up). I used to say "Oh this forum website is probably like the last one" and I was wrong. I started joining the forum discussions and it brightened up my days because it's like being around with family and a community. To the forum staff, I love you all and you guys have made this server a better place especially @admin. Everyday, I wake up and go here to see fun forums and seeing no drama or toxicity anywhere. This server has been better than others and I can't wait to see the server grow more and more as the time comes :) You may ask "Where'd you get strength to spread positivity here?" I only say "From my fellow Popsters here in PA911 and everyone that surrounds me". When I am on a dark place in my mind or I feel so stressed, I go here to brighten up my mood. One time this year was so devastating for me. I wanted to just leave and just be gone and I went here to see fun forums. I told myself "People have been through what you went through so why not spread positivity?" and that made me change my perspective on people here. This forum website has been my life-saver and I am forever thankful for it :) I am grateful for all the staff here for shaping Gaga's teachings and what she stands for: Kindness and Positivity and applying it to this forum website. I am forever grateful for you guys <3 I don't feel comfortable mentioning the staff because I'm just a normal Popster/Little Monster living their life but now I did... To everyone in this forum (if you see this), may y'all have a good day today! If people let you down, don't let them drag you down because you are born to fly. If you are struggling with life and problems, we are all here for you... :) Sincerely, (Athena) A Little Monsterrr
  8. I know the election is in the US, but there is covid, other elections and just life. This week feels quite heavy to me and I spent hours arguing with family on FB that uncounted votes are not fraudulent, just votes that take time to count during a pandemic. Sigh. Anyway, I'm tired and exhausted and very scared for America, but I'm OK anyway. How is everyone?
  9. So the relationship I had was kinda on and off and I told the first part of this story on my status last night, if you want feel free to check it out. But this morning she told me she had been in the hospital for this past day and told me that she had done a lot of self reflecting and said that us being in a relationship isn't good for her mental health, which yeah, and that she isn't gonna be happy with me, and I completely understand since I'm gay. But then she said "Good luck finding someone who loves you more than I did" ... I know she loved me but she could've treated me better, she turned my coming out into her problem by saying I shouldn't have lied to her for so long and that she has trust issues. I get it, I shouldn't have lied for so long, but like I don't think you understand the pressures of being gay and having it be known in the world that we live in. Anyway, we're broken up, I'm feeling better, obviously still sad because I'm gonna miss her and her family for a while, but I'm gonna take this time to just be alive and focus on myself. I have my whole life to live and be in a relationship, I'm gonna spend my youth while I can doing what I want and focusing on only what I want. So, I'm kinda leaving bitter, but it was a bitter relationship and I'm happy that I'm finally just on my own instead of being in constant fear of simply having to talk to someone who was very toxic to me for over a year
  10. so I was diagnosed with S-E-V-E-R-E ADHD this past year and looking back it makes sense. I struggled through high school and college and barely graduated both and always had all the classic symptoms of internal hyperactivity, but not much external manifestation. Now that I know this, I'm on medication for it and it's helping somewhat, but I'm still having trouble focusing at work and stuff. I work from home and I just sit at a computer all day so distractions are very easy for me to come upon and get distracted by, including in my workflow. Does anyone have experience with ADHD and trying to channel your focus/hyperfocus into one area? I'm still have problems and it doesn't help that i'm fairly new and still not entirely comfortable in my position yet
  11. This is truly a sad moment for me and this is proof for you guys that GGD reads you Private messages. I hope that someone who has both accounts on here and GGD can make a thread about what happened to me today to alert people on there. @Morphine Prince @raragaga And whoever else is on there I forgot to tag. Its really concerning to me because, we make connections and we share with each other, all of us could have very personal and important messages in our PM and these people are breaking massive boundaries breaking them. I haven’t posted in days there as I’ve only joined here. All I did was reply to a private msg about joining this site and I’m banned absolutely horrible and I feel so sad, I joined that forum so long ago and made so many connections. Im so glad I’ve found this place and it was created. A place for us all. GGD is truly a facist place I rest my case
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