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Found 6 results

  1. Hi fam, The reactions from a few months ago are now live Thank you so much @Dirkje for putting these together Thanks to all of you for voting and memeing Also, our new reactions by @MilkywayArt are now live. We have two more on the way, but most are up now! Thanks to them and I hope you enjoy!
  2. Hey popsters. A couple changes have just gone live with reactions. There is a new permanent love reaction, a new shook reaction replaces wtf? and moving forward flop reacts will not reward reaction points. These shall be our reactions moving forward (with reputation gain) and a description of their use. A few may take on unique themes when appropriate. Like (+1): This reaction will be our default reaction that will change periodically (e.g. 'yeehaw,' 'cheers'). No matter the flavor, it will always be a positive 'like' reaction at its core. Love (+1): This reaction is new and should be used when you really love a post. This too might have unique flavors from time to time (bringing this back as 'love and cookies' until our new art is ready). Yaas, Gaga (+1): When you see a post and just have to shout 'Yaas, Gaga" at it. lol (+1): Our funny react, as you've always known it. Thanks (+1): A classy thank you to a post. Sad (+1): For posts that make you sad. Hugs (+1): Showing support for serious posts. Shook (+1): When something leaves you shook or confused. Flop (+0): A shady react that shouldn't be taken nor used too seriously. Any of your previous flop reactions will maintain their previous +1 rep, but future flop reacts will earn no reputation. As always, please do not spam reactions. Reactions are going to be undergoing a two step change. The second will be a visual change as I've commissioned brand new, original art for all of our reactions. That work is underway and we hope to have it later this Spring. Cheers
  3. Hi Pospters. Very happy to officially release V2.4 of the site which includes a few features, but the main one is certainly DARK MODE. Dark mode The site's themes (light and dark) match your OS. So if you have dark mode turned on your phone or computer, the site will automatically switch as well. Important: Sometimes people paste in text with funny formatting or team members might use fun colors and such for games. These may not always display great in dark mode (or light mode), SO, I've added a button to each post you can click to remove all custom colors. It looks like this: Also, some embedded items like tweets cannot be converted to dark mode, unfortunately. Sorry! Let me know if you have any issues! Discover more The discover tab has been updated so you can now view ALL 'timeless topics' or 'artist pages' with the click of the button. If there's ever a specific topic that you want, it's a great place to look! Homepage hero 2.1 There's a little redesign of the homepage hero which is a bit sleeker and more useful for 'The Popsters' and up. On desktop you will see three exciting topics that are currently fresh and worth checking out. Right now they are only showing on desktop and they are hardcoded. But like the Discover page, in the next few updates these will become more dynamic and likely make their way to the mobile homepage as well. I want to highlight different and exciting content around the site more - and I think this'll be a great way to do that. That's all the major updates for 2.4. Hope you all enjoy!
  4. Hey Popsters, The mod team has been encouraging a private space where people can post and comment without prying eyes outside the community. I couldn't agree more and we have two forums that are only visible to Popsters and up. Popster lounge This is very much like open chat, except it's private. Things like pictures of you topics or personal stories might feel more at home here. Health & kindness This is a space for mindfulness where you can discuss mental health, share personal struggles, seek community support and spread positivity. We're all here for you. Thanks all!
  5. I'm very happy to announce that Popa911 finally gets its word spread! We managed to get a Promo Tweet for the very first time! We would like to thank @KatieJudasGaga4 for making this possible. If you have Twitter and didnt do it yet, go follow her! Her twitter is @JustAHolyKat44 The promo tweet:
  6. Popa911 reached 600 members! With a special shoot out to @GagaSine for being our 600th member! Yaaay! We would like to thank every single popster for making this possible! We all love you and here for more moments like this!
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