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Found 19 results

  1. From the Emmy award-winning creator of Chernobyl and the creator of the acclaimed video game:
  2. There are only SIX episodes left of Supernatural! I rewatched all of seasons 1-15 while being home because of COVID and am ready for this grand finale. From the trailers for last week's episode, I was expecting something really corny, but the episode was actually far above my expectations. Is anyone else watching the show?
  3. Do you guys remember "Ringer", the 1 season drama that brought back Sarah Michelle Gellar to our televisions that got cancelled too quickly by The CW? Synopsis: Quick facts: - The show was originally developed for CBS before being passed on and picked up by The CW in 2011. - Campaign was kinda massive and everyone was hyped to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on our TV Screens, 8 years after the end of Buffy. - It premiered to 2.84M viewers (1.2 in 18-49 rating) and did pretty good for its first half season. After leaving the air on November 29th, 2011 to 1.6M viewers (0.6), the show's early January return was delayed to January 31, 2012 due to some new reality show that bombed. The return was made to 1.4M viewers (0.6) a series low and since then the show tumbled and lost its audience falling as low as 1.05M (0,4) for its 20th episode. It concluded with 1.2M (0.5) on April 17th, 2012 and later was cancelled in mid-May. - When the show got cancelled due to low ratings, CW president did say he felt the show didn't reach the highs they thought it would in terms of target audiences and felt the show could have beneffited from a short season order instead of the classic 22-episode seasons, saying stuff got too complicated in mid season and admitting they also shouldn't have had delayed the return which made casual viewers drop it out. - Following the cancellation, a lot of fans started campaigns to see the show renewed and even were able to promote through billboards in Los Angeles. Sarah Michelle Gellar did earn a Teen Choice Award nomination for her role that summer and was offered to work with the network again in the future (which never happened). - Overall the season was watched by 1.45M and a 0.5 rating in L+SD ratings (jumping to 1.82M and a 0.79 in 18-49 target rating points with DVR) while getting mixed to positive reviews on release. In retrospect, Collider pointed out how the show was too ahead of its time. https://collider.com/how-ringer-tv-series-was-ahead-of-its-time/ Did you watch Ringer? What did you think of it? What were your hopes for a second season?
  4. Ladies, gentlemen, and Compound-V children around the world, it's time to discuss... Season one, AMAZING. Season two, debatable, but with an incredible finale! Have you seen it? What did you think of Season 2? Are you excited to see @DeanClownchester-- I mean Jensen Ackles-- in Season 3? (Of course you are).
  5. What are you're favourite tv shows. Call me basic or whatever but I love these 1. How To Get Away With Murder 2. Gossip Girl 3. The Vampire Diaries 4. The O.C 5. The Simpsons Also feel free to leave tv show recommendations
  6. I CAN HEAR THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS Any The Last Of Us stans out there? Who did you want to play Joel?
  7. Since we're getting 700 versions of Drag Race this year, I wanted to create a hub for discussion on them so we don't have a different thread for each one. AS6 is coming June 24th to Paramount
  8. Whalecum all fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's co-show Angel. Tell us your favorite seasons, characters plotlines and more. Best villain? Hottest couple? Plot holes? Let's hear em. Club Members:
  9. I don't know if it has been posted yet, but the official Name for AHS 10 will be announced tomorrow, Friday 19th https://www.instagram.com/p/CMiZfZynBzN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKVJFKgBMU1/?igshid=7vdd18j3u5e3 full story here
  11. Oh. My. God. I just watched ALL of AHS: 1984 with my mom and the ending is one of those most beautiful, heartbreaking in a way, but rejuvenating endings I’ve ever seen for AHS. They’re all amazing, but this series and how it ends is one of the best I’ve seen and felt. All the characters were perfect, the storyline, perfect, the acting, perfect. Everything about this was perfect. I think this without a doubt my top 3 or even 2 on American Horror Story, not much have I felt this much about some of the other seasons. It just feels so beautiful with the ending and how everything turned out I literally teared up at the son just simply looking back at his family, so simple yet so powerful, especially with the song. So amazing, I hope AHS continues that story someone like how Apocalypse continued the Coven season. What were your thoughts on it?
  12. It's the perfect Halloween performance. I love how they utilized those LED screens. So creative!
  13. Timmers


    Does anyone watch Wentworth? It's basically Orange Is The New Black but 10x more intense. I'm getting ready to start the new season on Netflix today or tomorrow.
  14. This show is beyond great. I wish I had a show like this growing up. It's super inclusive and has a great message of accepting others. Do any of y'all watch? Who is your favorite character? Any do any Kipo cosplay? Please share!
  15. I enjoyed it at first, especially the characters of Hannah Grove, Owen and Peter Quint. However, as gorgeous as she is the actress playing Dani cannot act to save her life. I was cringing so hard that I couldn't make it past the 5th episode. I also felt the pace was too slow compared to its predecessor.
  16. I'm dying laughing right now, thought I'd share.
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