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Welcome to POP a 911!
We’re here to discuss Lady Gaga, pop culture and our community. Our main focus is to be a safe space for people to come where they can be themselves, have exciting discussions and mutually respect one another. We want this to be your Kindness Haus.

We support Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQIA+ community, the disabled community and all BIPOC. This is a progressive place where all intolerance, hate and prejudice are strictly not welcomed.

If you want to introduce yourself, you can find our introductions thread here. Please say hello! We also have some amazing tutorials which can help you get started right here.

We all want to express ourselves and our opinions. However, we all view things differently, have different experiences and incomplete information. Some users will be more negative than you like and some will be more positive. Some users will dislike your favorite artists and songs and some will disagree with your sources. That’s ok, everyone does not have to agree, few things are objective, not even charts.

However, that is no excuse to personally attack people. Do not to lash out on a user because you strongly disagree. Do not repeatedly try to correct a user because you’re sure they are wrong. Toxicity not only hurts all parties involved, it ruins the discourse and drives people away from the the website. It’s hard to have a toxic-free environment online, but it’s achievable. *We strongly recommend hiding people who bother you or set you off.* This can be found when you hover over someone’s name on desktop. I’ll be adding this for mobile shortly as well.

Some topics can be very sensitive to uses, so we ask that you refrain from casually/carelessly dragging others about subjects such as drug abuse/addiction, religion and sexuality.

Post edits will be preserved for 30 days, viewable by the mod team. This will allow edited posts to be appropriately reviewed if reported. You can be issued warning points for something you have edited, but you can also be spared a point if you have earnestly tried to rectify the issue.

Personal Messages
You are allowed, and encouraged, to make friends whom you can message directly. The infrastructure of this site is built in a way that none of these messages are private nor encrypted. Admin will always have the ability to log into an account and read messages. That said, as Admin, I absolutely promise to never do this unless there is a serious concern for someone's safety. But know that this is not a secure messaging system and should not be treated as such.
Likewise, you may report personal messages to the mod team. Doing so, allows all the mods to read that reported thread. This is important, because people can can be abusive in personal messages.

Warning System

If you are reported by another user or noticed by a mod themselves, you will be issued a warning along with number of warning points for a specific length of time in which those points remain on your record. Warning points do not reset with a ban. Accumulated warning points will result in the following actions:

5 points: Temporary restriction on posting in a particular area or site wide for one week.
10 points: Temporary ban for 45 days.
15 points: Ban for 180 days or permanent ban (depending on mod discussion).

The mod team will issue warnings based on the following areas. The first two warnings in any particular area will result in 0 points unless the infraction is serious. Points may be doubled with repeated infractions or in extreme cases. Continued repeated infractions after that will result in trebled points. Likewise, some 0 point warnings may assign points after multiple infractions. 

Duplicate post
Sometimes a user will post something someone else has already posted. Just report it so we can merge the topics.
Points: 0 points.
Length: 30 days.

Wrong topic or tag
Please try to post in the appropriate area with an appropriate tag. If you have any questions or need a correction, please reach out to a mod or make a post in the POP a 911 forum under Community.
Points: 0 points.
Length: 60 days.

Going off-topic a little is acceptable, but derailing a thread or repeatedly going off-topic can issue a warning.
Points: 0 points.
Length: 60 days.

Moderation discussion
Please don't talk about WPs, moderation or attack team members in topics. Instead, reach out via DM or raise your issue in the Support section. This type of chat derails threads and can cause confusion. We're open and happy to discuss issues, including publicly, but let's do it in the right place. Thanks.
Points: 0 points.
Length: 60 days.

Inappropriate language
Please use appropriate language. This includes avoiding foul language, offensive words and slang terms which may insult people or groups (e.g. cupcakes, breeders, etc.) 
Points: 1 point.
Length: 90 days.

Please do not use this site to promote a business, store, personal fundraiser, etc. You may post your own art (music, art, videos, etc.) in the appropriate forums along with a link to the appropriate home (YouTube, Etsy, deviantArt, etc.). However, if this is your only intent, we may issue a warning. These things can easily be exploited and need to be contained.
Points: 1 point.
Length: 90 days.

Dragging artists
Please do not drag artists. We can discuss all celebrities without tearing them down. It’s ok to objectively discuss performance, sales and opinions of songs and artists. But repeatedly bringing up specific artists to put them down or openly attacking them is unacceptable. Entering threads dedicated to specific artists to drag them is also unacceptable. Choose not to post.
Points: 1 point.
Length: 90 days.

Personal attacks
We are here to discuss pop culture and support one another. Attacking another member, for whatever reason, is unacceptable. This includes bullying, insulting,  questioning their intelligence or dragging their opinions. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If a member personally attacks you, please report it and do not respond. It’s always better to be the bigger person.
Points: 1 point.
Length: 150 days.

Please do no stoke people’s anger or emotions. This includes tagging them randomly on a topic you know upsets them, fostering a fight with other members or bringing back upsetting topics from the past. Please do not spam posts or spam reactions for specific users.
Points: 1 point.
Length: 150 days.

Copyrighted material/Leaks
Please do not repost articles. You may post a link with a brief summary. We do not allow posting or sharing of leaks, hacks or personal information. We are held accountable for this type of behavior and the site could be severely penalized.
Points: 2 points.
Length: 180 days.

Sexual content
Please do not post sexually suggestive items of any kind. Nudity is absolutely not accepted and will result in an immediate moderation on posting.
Points: 3 points.
Length: 365 days.

Phobic comments
As we’ve stated before, this an all-inclusive community. We absolutely do not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or anything similar. This type of language is not only extremely damaging to the individual and that community, but it propagates the notion that people are lesser and that it’s OK to act this way. If ever you’re unsure if something you’re about to post might be offensive, do not post it and consult a friend or mod privately.
Points: 4 points.
Length: 365 days.

Sexual harassment
Please refrain from making suggestive comments to other members. Any sexual harassment claims will be taken very seriously. No one wants to be made to feel uncomfortable or violated. We also have a variety of ages present and need to be respectful of unknowns. 
Points: 5 points.
Length: 365 days.

Impersonating other people / Dupe accounts
You are on this website to be yourself, not to pretend to be someone else. If someone pretends to be another person, whomever that may be, they will be banned, permanently. Likewise, please do not create multiple accounts.
Points: 15 points.
Length: Forever.

Other issue
This list is not exhaustive and other issues may come up or need addressing. We also may make changes to these guidelines at any point, as necessary. This is an evolving community.
Points: TBD.
Length: TBD.

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