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  1. Katy had it coming, let’s be real. I actually don’t feel bad for her. Why on Earth would you pick Dr. Luke to produce a female empowerment song? Just tone-deaf.
  2. I’m sure a large chunk of WW’s Spotify numbers will come from Brazil, I can’t wait for the US streams
  3. Honestly I hate it dd It’s so fun to wait for the daily update every day and be surprised
  4. New Morgan kinda flopping, points seem to start decreasing overall. Perfect for the lead in like 2 weeks
  5. Brazil Just Dance - Diamond Telephone - Diamond Million Reasons - Diamond 911 - Diamond Marry The Night - 3x Platinum La Vie En Rose - Platinum https://pro-musicabr.org.br/home/certificados/?busca_artista=Lady+Gaga&busca_tipo_produto=&busca_tipo_certificado=&busca_pela_gravadora=&busca_ano=
  6. Brazil Always Remember Us This Way - 4x Diamond Rain On Me - 3x Diamond Fun Tonight - 3x Platinum Bloody Mary - Platinum Hold My Hand - Platinum Before I Cry - Gold
  7. How many times have we gone through this only for her to post some ad or random sh*t afterwards?
  8. I’m sure the music industry is quietly watching and rolling their eyes at all of this. Would be fun to see her walking out empty handed at the Grammys next year.
  9. Honestly I don’t care if it also affects Gaga in the future, but Billboard needs to do something about this type of chart manipulation ASAP.
  10. Yeah, the fact that the #1 song back in March would be #9 right now is just…
  11. Bonus: Telephone is also outstreaming Cuff It and II Most Wanted regularly
  12. If you have a Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic/IMDb/Letterboxd account, please remember to log in and give Gaga Chromatica Ball a 5 star or 10/10 rating. If you don’t, create an account now and do it. Thanks.
  13. These Vegas shows getting in the way, tho. I’m thinking lead single in late July, album in August.
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