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  • Random factmy dog died in April 2020 days before my and her birthday
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  1. You can hear the voices so much better now. Finally
  2. Slovenia can get it... Wtf I am scared and turned on
  3. Wtf is wrong with the technology.... The voices are so quiet
  4. If Ireland don't make it to the final I am gagged
  5. I am not ready .... I nearly forgot it was starting today. Depression sucks
  6. my top song is I get a kick out of you :D
  7. Not the why did you do that slander ... I love that song so much ... In my top 3 songs from ASIB INLA, ARTUW,WDYDT, truly the perfect song to be allys breakkthrough song
  8. a boost i need a whole f-ing new personality after this a boost are u kidding ...
  9. the shade to miss petty a diss track comming right through
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