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  1. is it a lie though ? honestly it´s more than I ever got out of a oral favor :D ...Honestly I would buy it but I already did that ...
  2. of experience its not that weird to reply months after it´s totally fine :D
  3. I don´t like the beat to this ad...like love the classical music to it and her voice to it but just cut the beat out ....
  4. I ghost people a lot.. and sometimes I am sorry about it other times absolutely not ...
  5. yeah transmen on testestoren are the sh!t ! Transwomen lose physical strengt while transmen gain ...But we don´t gain acne so thats a plus:D
  6. This I like some her solo work as well but she is so amazing !!!
  7. I don´t know ?? i Like some of his music but he was a bit shitty but also people oversexualized him from a young age etc..so I don´t know
  8. my skintype is dry with sometimes pimples ...nbot often though but I have thick pores :D
  9. okay let me get this straight I don´t do that much... First wash face with water nothing more than once a week a coal skin mask this does wonders from garnier which cost like 10€ and I bought it at the beginning of the pandemic and I can still use it ...Then a watermalon hydration cream with UV protection for like 18€ everyday (/but now its empty...) my moms agraöl cause I can for lots of money (don´t know how much ) from alverde (organic cosmetic brand) then a night cream from my mother to stop aging with Q10 whatever from alverde or alnatura...
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