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  1. "So Dot (twt: popa911) who broke the news about Chrome Ball Film being back on the table has just said on bcharts that there is no date. The last thing UMG received was the schedule of the HBO special." Someone wrote this on ATRL. Imagine how tired we are.
  2. Where is LGN to report that "Joe's comments about the album are not true".
  3. I wonder why she said she's still working on the album just a few days ago, tho. Maybe just to maintain the surprise factor (which they already ruined ). Both Joe and that random designer are talking like the album is ready to go.
  4. I think she can pull almost 1M in Brazil alone. Her demand here is insane. I was shocked that everyone was talking about the show on my timeline on Saturday (not just fans).
  5. Apparently he posted "Lady Gaga - ****** ****" and deleted right after.
  6. Remember when Gaga used to delete her profile pictures before starting a new era (RIP the old egg icon on Twitter). She was actually one of the first to start this trend, and now everyone does it.
  7. Well, at least it's an indication that there's movement behind her Spotify account, which is unusual these days.
  8. Yes. Gaga had it set to her "lady gaga discography" playlist for a long time.
  9. I know everything it's possible, but I can't see her releasing a supposedly dark-themed pop song in the middle of a Jazz & Piano leg. If nothing comes before June 19th, I'll just wait for July then.
  10. Let's hope the song is coming before her Vegas shows. Otherwise, we'll have to wait until July/August at best.
  11. 100k likes already For comparison, the Joker poster has 132k likes on her profile.
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