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Big Freedia was supposed to be a feature on BTW (song)


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Pop-a-911-ster 21,601

Big Freedia states in a new interview for Paper Magazine that she was supposed to be a feature on the original BTW song. Here’s a part of the interview: 

"That was back then, when I was working with my DJ at the time, Rusty Lazer. He had got a phone call [saying] they wanted me on the song, "Born This Way." We were very excited about that... Actually, I was with Rusty Lazer, we were at his house. We were doing some stuff, getting ready for a weekend out of town, and he was just telling me about the project. Because they had sent it over and were like, "They want you on this." So that's when I first got to hear the song. I don't know what happened, don't know how it fell off. But in my opinion the timing wasn't right, and everything comes back around if it's meant to happen. Ten years later, I'm doing the cover of "Judas.""

source: https://www.papermag.com/big-freedia-judas-2653508646.html?rebelltitem=5#rebelltitem5

thoughts besties? 

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Deactivated 14,311

Iconic she got to re-pay respects to this big gay icon!


So happy for Freedia even if I don’t like the cover.

Some faves are covering their own music to make coin, Gaga does it differently and as always humbly but iconically better! Da da do do!

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