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I made a 90s house sounding song inspired by Chromatica, Madonna and Björk!

Ms Arid Lost

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Hello popsters! It's me again.

First I wanted to thank you for the love that you gave to my last release, All To Myself! I truly appreciate it!

I've just released the second single off of my debut instrumental album, coming out this year. The song is called Anesthesia, and it's the 10th song in the tracklist. When making this song, there were three projects that i had in mind. Chromatica by our beloved Miss Gaga, "Frozen" by Madonna and "Jóga" by Björk.

When I first started making the song, I knew exactly the sound I wanted for the chorus: an explosive and powerful 90s house inspired drop. This was actually the first thing I produced from the song. The intro is very inspired by Björk, with the organic instruments (violins) and sound glitches surrounding them. The overall ethereal touch in the sound was heavily inspired by Madonna's "Frozen" (probably one of my favorite songs by her ever). As the album is going to have an overall "EDM" sound, I didn't want this song to be any different, so I decided to make it a house track, in the vein of Gaga's Chromatica and some songs from the 90s house wave that I love.

If you would like to give the song a listen, you can do it here:

Thank you for your support popsters! Love you all!

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