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23 Years of Impossible Princess

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Popster to Popster 2,686

To know the limit of torture and tenderness
These are the dreams of an Impossible Princess


Happy 23rd Anniversary to Kylie Minogue's one of the ambitious, artistic awakening and criminally underrated album - Impossible Princess. The album was released on 22nd October in the Japanese Market. In 1998, it was released some parts of the world. The worldwide release was achieved through Digital Download in 2008. 

Impossible Princess might not have achieved the commercial treatment like her other albums, but Kylie expressed her artist-self by writing the sons by herself and explored the various genre of music. According to Wikipedia, "Sonically, Impossible Princess is a departure from Minogue's previous music, having taken influence from the techno and Britpop revolution in the mid-to-late 1990s. Conceived as an experimental record, the material encompasses a variety of darker styles from the dance genre, including trip hop, electronica, rock, drum and bass and house. Additionally, selected recordings experiment with cultural elements like Middle Eastern and Celtic music. Lyrically, the album's central focus is Minogue's self-discovery after a series of trips around Asia, America and Australasia, and further delves into the freedom of expression, relationships and emotions." 


'Indie Kylie' title famously used by the media when she released the album - with three singles, 'Some Kind of Bliss', 'Did It Again', 'Breathe', and 'Cowboy Style'. with 'Too Far' as a promotional single. The death of Princess Diana made a huge impact on the delay of the album. Kylie initiated a small concert to promote the album which was well received by the critics. Departure from her label constructed persona Kylie, the Impossible Princess 'Kylie' finally breathed freely through the self-penned, gorgeously written songs where she talked about her frustration, desire, exhaustion and dreams. 23 years later, the album widely considered as one of the best albums of Kylie. 


1. Too Far

2. Cowboy Style

3. Some Kind of Bliss

4. Did It Again

5. Breathe 

6. Say Hey

7. Drunk

8. I Don't Need Anyone

9. Jump

10. Limbo

11. Through the Years

12. Dreams

13. Tears (Bonus Track) 

14. Love Takes Over Me (Bonus Track) 

15. This Girl (Bonus Track) 


Music Videos:



Listen to the album:




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