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  1. A rough day for SL haters like @little legend a̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶e̶
  2. I thought the same but somehow they've been reporting a lot of old a** songs
  3. The element of surprise and anticipation was definitely fun But I'm too old now for the anxiety the wait used to cause
  4. The way the era of waiting for Spotify daily to update (and calculating debuts using the Artists position) is over. This account has access to live updates for most old and new songs
  5. Stupid Love: 201 points #10 with today's points. #13 last week. And that's with 53k sales, which is not happening in 2024. We can't afford to flop this time
  6. Not the season getting to an early halt, and an 8 day deadline. oh FLOPlegend
  7. No prism? @SweetOreosOfHeaven be serious
  8. It's over for Einstein and Newton when we start teaching your logic in universities
  9. Waste of prism, sorry miss @Dean Judaster. No one expected this to be a competitive round
  10. Not you finding any excuse to give the imaginary participant points No entry, no points
  11. I mean probably i didn't comment on the color for anyone
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