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  1. Wait, I wonder why she didn't post any performance on youtube? the weeknd posted this
  2. I would die if the new era is inspired by him or surrealism. He was very problematic, but I love his work
  3. The show was so good, It always amazes me how she can dance and sing like that at the same time. She was born to be a star. I got emotional during the born this way song. She did such a good work with this film, I hope she snatch a nomination at least. The snippet sounds amazing, I hope she announce the single today or tomorrow.
  4. I also think the editing is cool. The only thing that would make me complaint is if she decides to release the full version of hold my hand live on youtube instead of other performances...
  5. Are little monsters trying to make so happy i could die go viral? I just saw two videos on tiktok with that song
  6. it looks like the only reliable source is gaga herself and she lied about TCB, so....
  7. Not the joker t-shirt I'm the one who is going to end up like the joker if she doesn't confirm something soon
  8. Guys, I created a new account on tiktok and I've just made my first edit. The capcut templates make the job a lot easier. We need to help sugden
  9. Merry christmas everyone!! I'm a little bit drunk! I hope everyone is having a good time. Stream poker face!
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