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New(ish) vocals from Amy Winehouse | Kristian Marr ft Amy Winehouse - So Strange (Official Video)


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Description from Kristian Marr: "So Strange was Amy’s favourite song of mine and also the first song I ever wrote. I was 18 and my girlfriend at the time wasn’t too happy about me moving to London. I thought she was acting strange given that I was only going to be an hour away. It was the only song I had when I started gigging in London. I remember once playing it 8 times in a row or something - in different keys of course - at Tommy Flynn’s, Camden. I met many of my best friends and budding musicians in that same Bar and Amy was one of them. Some of my best memories from that time are with her. Amy was one of the most funny and generous people I have ever met, a genuine sweetheart. Among the many gifts she gave me throughout our friendship this is definitely the most memorable. She came by the studio one evening and decided to join me in the vocal booth. It was a beautiful moment and she really added her magic to the song. I’ve kept it close to my heart for many years now and I’m finally ready to share it with you all. Love Kristian"

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