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Underrated MV + Song: Orange Trees by MARINA


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This song is so underrated as it is, and honestly gets too much hate for no reason other than people choose not to like it because it's Marina, if this were made by any other artist people would praise it for being so nature filled and underrated, but because it's Marina, people say it's one of the worst songs she's ever come out with or in general. I think it's such a negative way of looking at it and I hate that that's what people come to when a certain song doesn't meet their own expectations they put on themselves, they trash it and don't even bother letting it grow on them, and it sucks. I however, loved this song and the video as soon as I saw it and was never afraid to express my opinion, I think it's a beautiful song and the video is SO beautiful, like can we just talk about the perfect color schemes???? And the flowers and slow-mo shots of the beach? It's so beautiful and feels the most like summer than any other music video I've seen in my life. So beautiful 💙


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1 minute ago, ProjectJoanne said:

Mmm not really, it’s probably better to listen to both sides separately though 

I've tried, still didn't work. Probably her weakest body of work so far in my opinion, completely forgettable.

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