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Judge approves Britney's request to hire her own litigation counsel for the first time in 12 years!

Gimme More

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Britney just scored a huge court victory today. 

She asked that a law firm named Loeb & Loeb represent her in her ongoing conservatorship battle against her father, Jamie Spears. Britney made it clear in court docs she did not want her father handling her money or estate moving forward.

Britney's request to hire her own litigation counsel was approved at today's court hearing (against Mr. Spears' wishes). The new counsel is Loeb & Loeb. 

This was approved by the judge even though Jamie objected to Britney hiring her own legal counsel.

"The Court finds that sufficient evidence has been provided to grant the matter on calendar this date based upon reading the moving papers and consideration of all presented evidence. The Court overrules the objections," the court docs state.

The court docs state the petition filed by Britney's legal advocate, Sam Ingham, was granted. 

As Exhale previously reported, Britney's legal advocate, Sam Ingham, stated Britney was aware her father Jamie would lawyer up to fight against her wishes. Mr. Spears wanted to handle this outside of court in an effort to avoid costly litigation expenses. Essentially, the house of cards is beginning to fall and Mr. Spears is losing his tight grip on control over Britney.

Previously filed court docs stated Loeb & Loeb are "best qualified to work with him in representing Britney's interest in this proceeding." 

This is a HUGE win for Britney because it means she has her own representation of her choosing, something that has not happened in 12 years. 

See the court docs below:


Source: Breatheheavy/Exhale

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Tbh I don't know that much about the situation in detail, but no woman in her 30's who's raising two children and living a happy life should be under the control of a person to the point where she can't even vote

We love to see it!

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The Popster 94

I really hope this means the end of her conservatorship is in sight - her father and everyone around him should have been ousted from the positions they were put in place a long time ago... I honestly don't know how they thought that man was suitable for this kind of job in the first place when he tried beating down the door to get to his grandkids, like wtf :snake:

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The Popster 94

Dammit, I quoted myself again :nicki_scream: 
Every time I try to think back to why I quoted myself while trying to correct a spelling error, I can't recall doing it... There's only one logical explanation for that - I think this forum is being haunted by quote goblins (look it up, it's a real thing)

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14 hours ago, Shoful said:

Omg I’m so happy @Gimme More is on the site so I can be up to date with this whole court case!

So glad things are looking up for Brit!!

aww thank you :gaga-thanks:

Next hearing is scheduled for November 10th to see if the Judge will agree to appoint Bessemer Trust as her conservator of estate. It'll be interesting to see if the Judge officially removes Jamie or not or keeps him on as co-conservator alongside Bessmer (Britney does not want Jamie to have anything to do with her finances).

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