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MARINA - ADIAML (Deluxe) [Happy Loner MV, Pink Convertible, Free Woman, etc]


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Literally couldn't come at a better time, absolutely LOVE these songs!!!

Let me talk about this down below the videos so I don't waste page space before you could check them out yourself :laughga:



Ok! Now that you got to check out the songs, read what I got to say about them :shine:


Happy Loner - When this song first came out I already knew she gave us a demo snippet from a year ago so I expected not to get any newer feelings from it. But oh was I wrong. When I first heard it I was IMMEDIATELY hooked on the high F she does for "I'm on the e~edge" and UUUUUHHH it's an aesthetic, it's a life style, and it's how I choose to describe luxury. 

The MV - Ok, this might seem weird, but I've ALWAYS wanted to get a nice simple music video with not too much going on, something that she could've easily done in her own home. Don't know why, but I LOVE when artists go camp and do things with the resources they can get rather than splurging on locations and details that I honestly just don't care too much about. It's how I feel about the Stupid Love video, she made a BEAUTIFUL video with the simplicity she had and used her resources wisely! You might say it's just a video of her singing to the camera, but there's still an art to that, Lorde for example did the same thing for Tennis Court. I just feel a greater connection with her when I see her singing these words up close while feeling just as connected with how I feel of my own life. LOVE the video, 9/10, did NOT disappoint in the slightest! :oscar:

Pink Convertible - I heard the demo snippet she showed us live last year, I heard the snippet leaks, I heard the entire instrumental. And somehow she managed to make it feel JUST as exciting to hear for the first time and like with Happy Loner's MV I was NOT disappointed in the slightest either! It feels like a calm summer breeze-type song, one you'd play while driving in the coast of Florida or California. Just very summery and colorful, I LOVE it! :oscar:

Free Woman - Ok this is the one that I didn't actually expect anything from but was VERY happy with what we got! The little falsetto "free-e-e-e-ee" post-chorus reminds me SO much of Love+Fear and it's a great mixture production-wise of the last two albums and the lyrics tell a very happy and dark story at the same time? It's odd, the story, but sound-wise and lyrically altogether it's one BEAUTIFUL track, and one that belongs in a movie, seriously, I can see this playing for like a Mulan trailer or a story of a heroic woman that sets out into the world to fight evil that's lurking onto her land or something incredibly cinematic. This whole album feels like a cinematic journey, but to close it off with Free Woman just makes it a definite feeling that you just went through an entire play or saw one of the cinemas. The emotions, the sounds, the videos even. It's like a play all over again and we get to visualize hear this album turn into one large movie inside your head.

This album is just pure beauty, and this deluxe edition only adds more, not take a single thing away. :prideheart:

What are your thoughts on this album/songs/music videos? Let us know down below! :oscar:

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ARTPOPster 2,177

As for the demos, I don't have much thoughts on them, I DEFINITELY prefer the final versions, but I can tell that there's a charm to them, and I love how we got different lyrics at the end of ADIAML that we didn't get in the final version :whatga:

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Pink Convertible and Happy Looner. 

Free Woman is soo good too. 

Marina ATE it again ❤️❤️❤️

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