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RS: Gaga 2nd Most Stylish Musician

Dean Judaster

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Cardi B

cardi b most stylish musicians
Photo : Marc Piasecki/GC Images; zz/KGC-168/STAR MAX/IPx/AP; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cardi B’s fashion sense is as effortlessly bold as her raps. Not everyone can seamlessly blend the coveted threads of Chanel and tawdry pieces from Fashion Nova, but she does it with ease. In 2019, Cardi stepped out at the Met Gala in a duvet designed to look like a quilted vagina and still looked chic; a year later, she made Mugler bodysuits cool in the “WAP” video. As her go-to stylist Kollin Carter recently told Women’s Wear Daily, “If I could describe her style, I would say drama.” Carter has been behind many of the rapper’s wildest, riskiest looks, but it all works because Cardi is in complete control of her image, wearing each new piece with convincing appeal. “Elegance takes it all, every time,” she once said. K.R.


Lady Gaga

lady gaga most stylish musicians
Photo : Neil Mockford/Ricky Vigil M/GC Images; Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Since bursting onto the pop scene in 2008, Lady Gaga has been the queen of avant-garde looks. “I love becoming art,” the singer told British Vogue, reflecting on her evolution, from the legendary meat dress to her drag alter ego Jo Calderone. All along, she’s found a way to mix future-forward styles with nods to more classic designers, wearing everything from Alexander McQueen to Versace, and making it her own. In 2021, she took a huge step as both a fan and a student of the fashion world, starring as Maurizio Gucci’s vengeful wife in the blockbuster House of Gucci. Her latest era finds her honoring the Italian luxury house with stunning Old Hollywood glamour. Brittany Spanos


Lil Nas X

lil nas x most stylish musicians
Photo : Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

“Cowboy hat from Gucci/Wrangler on my booty,” Lil Nas X drawled on “Old Town Road,” delivering his revolutionary manifesto. Over the past year, with the help of stylist Hodo Musa, he’s managed to turn his every look into a conversation starter, from the flame-emblazoned leather outfit seen on SNL to his take on Marie Antoinette’s rococo gowns and his now-infamous Satan shoes. “I’ve grown to love more of what a look can be than the actual fashion itself,” he told GQ Style last May. “Fashion is one of those things that I can use to feed that part of me that loves to step into new areas.” K.R.


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Popster to Popster 3,812


but Bey is placed too low :crying:

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