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Lorde Appreciation Thread


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ARTPOPster 2,177

Hey everyone! Lorde has been at the peak of my interest for months now, I actually got to see her live at the Solar Power tour in Minneapolis and it might’ve been the best concert I’ve been to this year! I even met two girls who were fans of me :enigma:


But yeah, what do you think of Lorde? Do you have any awesome memories you wanna share or musical opinions? 

For example, here’s my current top 3 of each album:

PH: Buzzcut Season, Team, Tennis Court

Melodrama: Green Light, Homemade Dynamite, Perfect Places

SP: Mood Ring, California, Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)

Who else is excited for L4? :catwalk:

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ARTPOPster 2,177
On 6/8/2022 at 3:13 AM, Mary Jane Holland said:

No Better

Literally the most forgotten Lorde song of all time, more people talk about Precious Metals (a non-leaked unreleased song) over this :dead:

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