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Xtina slays 3 Halloween looks! (devil, genie & alien)


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  • Davian changed the title to Xtina slays 3 Halloween looks! (devil, genie & alien)
7 hours ago, Twitter said:

Omg @DavianΒ I love everything about this look!Β :classic_love:


6 hours ago, lavenderblondee said:

Okay....this is really incredible. Great photos and a REALLY good costume. I love it.


5 hours ago, raragaga said:

daaaamnnn I love this!!


3 hours ago, Dirkje said:

Ooh wow! Thats amazing!Β 

I love Xtina! I saw her in concert and I was slayed!


2 hours ago, Clever Username said:

Okay Ms Aguilera!Β :oscar:

RIGHT?:bradley:Β She posted two more looks today (updated the OP with them)Β and every photo is a serve ugh. I'm feeling blessed today.

  • yaas, gaga 2
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