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Effective Usage of FLOP

Impossible Princess

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17 minutes ago, ice bear said:

when someone talks about a messy situation and you wanna agree but it's not a "omg gurl yas", it's "ew gurl flop"


14 minutes ago, TINDER said:

When somebody act as a cupcake and cannot take respectful opinion you spam the reaction! :shakes:



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3 hours ago, Anveeroy said:

Is that a threat? 🌚


3 hours ago, ryanripley said:

Shocked Bella Hadid GIF by UFC


39 minutes ago, kaelergrey said:

Why is this thread already iconic. It made my day. :cupcake:

a little history lesson


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I’ll just simply use it as a disagree button. I think it’s great we have a reaction button with that inclination. Helps keep the debates and discussions fun and safe without things getting too dark. 

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