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If the Chromatica era were to go your way?


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I still thing we got beautiful photoshoots, stunning music videos and an incredible album. However, if you were to put together the era (pretending the pandemic never occurred) how would it go? Here's my take:

Enigma would have been the lead single. I envision a merge of futurism with the theme of the video being the four main elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth). Big video, no...iPhone shoots.

Sour Candy would still be a promo single ahead of album release.

Rain on Me second single. I thought the single was executed perfectly in terms of release and visuals so no change.

911 visuals released, not a single but to maintain hype.

Sine From Above released as a single, I don't personally like it but I do see it doing really well. Tour starts around the same time.

If we're pushing it, a short film with 3 songs: Plastic Doll, Replay, Free Woman. Those songs deserve visuals.

At the end of the era, release a Babylon video as a celebration more than anything. It was the perfect album closer, and I see a video of it at the end as a perfect ending to the era. Ultimately, the album being called Chromatica and the obvious take on colors/tribes I think if she wasn't going for a visual album then a ton of videos is the only other route. I'm still very happy with what we got, my only critique is the radio silence in between but this is dream in a parallel world lol. What's yours?


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The Fame Popster 451

Honestly the planned version of Chromatica with the coachella set and tons of music videos and tour coming right after the album sounds like it would have been a dream :bradley:

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Popster to Popster 3,889

It sounds like they had the right idea 100% the first time around, but corona said nice try :happydance:

Seriously though, it would of been nice to have a surprise coachella performance to really start the era off on the right note. I have a feeling she would of been EVERYWHERE.

From the looks of how quiet this era has been, I can only imagine this album was meant to be promoted in one way and one way only.

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The Popster 177

If, in some alternate universe, Covid never happened and Interscope had an unlimited budget, I would've made Chromatica her first visual record. The lead, Babylon, could've been released in January and performed at the Grammys. A second single, Free Woman, would come out late February into early March, then the third single, Rain on Me, would drop simultaneously with the album and visual project. The visuals would've debuted on some Spotify video app that would launch with it. 911 and Sour Candy would come out later in the summer followed by Replay in the fall. The era would end with Sine from Above or 1000 Doves as the closing single early 2021. Tour in the second half of this year, Grammys performance and all. 

And then I wake up :unamused:

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The Fame Popster 305

I would’ve probably have focused on creating content such as a short film and I would have consulted a variety of graphic designers, animators, and large companies to create virtual concerts, filters, and other products that incorporated innovative technology. 

If I were Gaga’s team, I’d take advantage of Instagram Live and the rise of podcasts to create a radio show that features a variety of guests. I’d also rent a warehouse and create an elaborate stage to perform at various talk shows virtually. 
The lead single I would choose is: Replay alongside a remix featuring a cool female artist a month later. 

Second single: Rain On Me. I’d perform on various talk shows. 

Promo single: 911. The short film would be sent to various film festivals and the 911 video is simply a scene of the Chromatica film. 

Third Single: Sour Candy and Babylon. The two videos will be released on the same day and both of these videos will have a club/Halloween theme. 

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