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Gaga's Astrology


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The Fame Popster 355

Hello, Little Monsters and Happy Gaga Day!!! 

A while back I decided to start a passion project regarding Gaga's birth chart placements and see how I can use Astrology to get a glimpse at her as a human being and see the influences of the starts on her. So, without further ado here's Lady Gaga's Astrology :oscar:




Gaga has a Gemini Ascendant. As we all know Gemini loves communicating, loves talking to people, getting and giving information. This can be tied to her saying in FFT that she hates being famous, because she loves people and simply talking to them and them not being affected by her being LG. Our Ascendants also show how people see us and how we see the world, our physical body and the things we’re known for. Gemini rules over hands and people with that Ascendant are…wait for it…very good with their hands and can play different musical instruments. We all know Gaga’s love for piano, which is probably where she gets it from. Also, most of her videos have different hand gestures that she does, which also can be tied to her Ascendant as she wants to express herself with her hands. She probably changes her mind a lot, which is why some ideas are not realized as she gets newer and newer ideas.

Gaga’s Moon sign is Scorpio in 5th house. Much can be said about Scorpio moons. They romanticize death and are very good at transformations. I can’t think of a better example of astrology doing its thing as we know Gaga is the Queen of transforming herself from one thing to another. Moon shows us our interpersonal nature and our emotional stability. So, it’s safe to say that she needs to reinvent herself in order to feel good about herself. 5th house is literary self-expression. So her having Scorpio (transformations) in Moon (emotional nature) in 5th house (self-expression) shows that even if she wasn’t a star she would be someone that’s ever changing and just being her true self and doing the things that she want to do, no questions asked. We all know she loves watching horror movies, which also can be tied to her Scorpio Moon as it deals with death. Her Moon is in a very interesting degree, the 11th degree which ties to the fact that she’ll have a global impact in the way she expresses herself. Like, she’ll be known and seen for her “craziness”.

Gaga’s Sun sign (also known as her “sign”) is, as we all know, Aries in 11th house. Sun sign shows our ambitions. Aries is the pioneer, the leader, the assertive individual that goes after what they want. The person that will take the action necessary to get to where they want to be in life. And we all know that this is particularly true for her as she did everything she could (dragged her piano everywhere) to get what she wanted. 11th house is the house of Friendships, Fans (!), being globally known. 11th house is tied to humanity and wanting to help people, seeing the bigger picture and wanting the best for everyone. Gaga’s activism is something very serious to her. Kindness is something that’s in her bones and it’s shown in her chart. 11th house rules over FANS, like i said before, and it shows that truly one day she’ll have a cult following. This is the house we look at to see her fans. The messiness and aggression of her fans is because of the sign of Aries. But as messy as LMs get, they’re leaders themselves, that did many many things first. That paved the way for other fandoms and things like that (not saying LMs were the first in everything, but let’s not be delusional and give LMs what they’re due – which is being one of the first fandoms of our time) Gaga has her Sun at 7 degrees, which shows that she has a very special relationship with her fans. 7th degree is the degree of justice, relationships and contracts. Tie this to her 11th house of humanity and we have someone that wants justice for all. Tie this to her 11th house of fans and we have her close relationship (in a more literal meaning - her being married to her fans) that means so much to her. Aries (Leader) being in 11th (Social Media) hints that at a point in her life she’ll be the most popular person on the Internet. Her being the most followed on Twitter, Facebook a while back proves that.

Gaga’s Mercury is in Pisces, 10th house and was retrograde when she was born. Mercury in Pisces makes for a very woke person that can manifest everything she wants. She realizes people’s true intentions pretty early on. Yes, she’s too emotional for her own good. No, she’s not faking it when she’s always crying at those award shows, this is who she is. Mercury in 10th house shows that she’ll use her mind and she’ll be famous (10th house) for it. As she’s said you won’t use my mind, but you can have my body giving more into the idea that her thought process is something personal and unique to her. Mercury retrograde shows that she has a unique way of talking and expressing herself. This is why she may seem “weird” at some interviews. She sometimes has a hard time expressing what’s on her mind and that leads to many people not hearing her properly. Mercury in Pisces makes her very artistic and with a very wild imagination that makes her think of different worlds and constantly reinventing herself. She said in a recent interview that she goes to a place, where her ideas (Mercury) are being broadcasted to her, like something out of this world (Pisces) is communicating to her what she needs to write and say in her music.

Moving over, her Venus ALSO in Aries and 11th house. Venus is the planet of Love and Money and shows where we look to see how we deal with money in our lives and where our romantic needs lie. This furthers what I said about her being “married” to her fans and the world at large. It’s all in the cards really. She’s very assertive in her relationships, but her Venus being in 24 degrees (degree of what’s hidden) shows that she’s hiding her personal life for her own good. She felt the pressure of being in the spotlight and having a global appeal (11th house) that lead to her closing the door for her relationships. Also also, Aries could be tired to her being the leader and the BOSS in her relationships, which is something we all know resulted in her past lovers getting envious of her fame, her impact and wanting to shrink her, literary being her hidden enemies. (24th degree) And to wrap it up for Venus, Gaga won’t shy away from using her money (Venus) for donating and helping the world (11th house) and leading with example and just leading people (Aries) to donate and opening up their purses, like we saw with One World.

Mars, being the planet of Action is in Capricorn and 7th house for her. Much can be said for Mars in Cap people, the main of which is that those are truly the people that will put in the work. Gaga working her butt off is not something new and her fame is not something that was given to her. She worked for it hard. She has this extreme pride in her work. She won’t lip sync, because she’s putting in the work to better her vocals and be appreciated for her work, not someone’s ability to synchronize her moving her lips with the audio. She truly has a crazy work ethic. 7th house here shows that she sometimes blurs the lines between work and relationships. Particularly in the way she’s treating her partners as an ambitious project that she can take on. I think she hurt herself in the process here. I think she believes too hard in people and thinks that she can better them and get them to be their perfect versions and doesn’t realize when some men are lost causes. 

Gaga’s Jupiter is well placed in Pisces and 10th house. Jupiter gives blessings wherever it’s in the chart. And she’s been blessed with a huge career (10th house), which in turn made her isolate (Pisces) completely from the world. I think Jupiter for her is that planet that gave her so much in various areas and this is truly the meaning behind the words “Fame is prison”. And she means it, as she’s felt it hard with this placement. But Jupiter in Pisces is a very good placement. It makes her more realized in herself, makes her more connected to her Higher self and to connect with God and things like that. Her love for meditation comes from here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s interested in crystals, astrology, chakras and all those metaphysical things that are connected to Jupiter. (If someone has info she’s into those things please contact me)

Saturn is the planet that Limits and controls us. Her Saturn is in Sagittarius, 6th house and is also retrograde. Sagittarius is freedom and Saturn restricts that. Like, I can’t think of a more literal meaning of astrology than Saturn, the great Lord of controlling things, being in Sagittarius the Sign of freedom. But with it being retrograde I think she had to work very hard to get back her freedom. I hope she feels better now, but I think this was a very heavy issue with her when she had her Saturn return in 2014-2017 as we all know those were very hard years for her and she had to work (Saturn) pretty damn hard to have her freedom (Sag) back. Her Saturn in 6thhouse shows that in this lifetime she could suffer from a chronic illness. (!!! I’m not saying everyone who has this placement will suffer from a chronic illness, don’t @ me about your birth charts and say I cursed you) 6thhouse talks about our Health and our Work. No wonder she was worked so hard in the past. And no wonder she keeps it low now. I don’t want to hear people talk about her being lazy, when she’s one of the hardest working artists in the game right now. But her past management controlling (Saturn) her work and health (6thhouse) has been an issue for her. Also, all the cancelled projects should literary be blamed on Saturn (restriction) in 6th house (work life). And as we know from her Gemini Ascendant and Mercury in Pisces, she wants to make so many different things happen and it’s literary out of her hands to do that sometimes.

I think it goes out without saying that this shouldn't be taken too seriously. I'm not trying to push the Astrology agenda, as I know some users have very drastic opinions about Astrology. This is for the monsters that believe in Astro, or are just interested in seeing what the stars have to say about her. I'm not pushing any of this as a fact at all. 

I'd appreciate it on this beautiful day, to not get into the debate on Astrology and take the spotlight away from our girl. Let's agree to disagree about things and leave the discussions about that particular thing for another day.  :kiss: 

Don't shy away from asking me questions regarding her chart. Have a blessed day. 

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The Fame Popster 355
47 minutes ago, PETTY said:

This was fun to read! Thank you :gaga-thanks:

no, thank YOU! It warms my heart that people enjoy this, you have no idea how happy your feedback makes me feel. 

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