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Demi - Commander In Chief


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The Fame Popster 401

This is the lyrical equivalent of a strongly worded tweetstorm  :uhh: who is this for? The DNC's music supervisor?

FDT remains the only good anti-Trump song.

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Banned 550

I just wrote this comment on RateYourMusic


At least when P!nk did What About Us the lyrics were incredibly vague so that kinda tuned down the cringe factor, but this is just next level. I'm a white male so I don't know precisely how much say I get in this, but she really is trying hard to play herself into a victim role here when she's one of the most privileged people on the planet.
"I'm not the only one
That's been affected and resented every story you've spun"

No Demi, you haven't been affected at all. Also remember that she randomly used Breonna Taylor's name when reponding to questions about her rude behavior towards fans on Instagram (not to mention she says she was bullied in high school when all of her classmates ay she was the bully).

It's beyond tone deaf. Cool for the Summer being one of the best pop songs ever doesn't make up for it lol

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