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Billie Eilish-Happier Than Ever


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The Fame Popster 382

After 5 singles and a little bit of controversy, Billie Eilish's album Happier Than Ever is out! What are your thoughts and opinions?

So far, my favorites are the title track and Your Power.


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ARTPOPster 2,177

Wow the singles did not do this album any justice but I guess it's better they worked out this way :zoom:

My top 3 faves besides any of the singles were:

1. Oxytocin

2. Billie Bossa Nova

3. Happier Than Ever

and possibly Male Fantasy after them.

WOAH HTE though, the super different way of singing for her is what REALLY makes this track stand out, and the crunchy production, I can see why she didn't want to put this out earlier even when she teased snippets of it :oscar:


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