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Little legend becomes a mod, congratulations!

little legend

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Pop-a-911-ster 27,344

I officially announce myself as an official mod! I'm beyond happy to finally announce that. Citizens of POPa911 , i know that in the last year , the administration team was not present in our big problems. The pedestrian mod team let our forum in it's fate, the degradation of this forum is clearly obvious. Citizens of POPa911 it's time to make POPa911 great again. It's time to take out the trash! 

So @admin, the popular vote is clear. It's time to make me a mod ! I don't care if you will fire the rest of the mod team. They are a bit useless but under my new administration , everyone will start to work. Enough with the slugs just get the payment but do zero work. With the new emperial era of our forum which will start under my mod presidency , we will witness a brighter future. 

Time to celebrate the new beginning for our forum. Time to celebrate for our new mod @little legend  spacer.png

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On 3/7/2022 at 8:18 PM, little legend said:

You are scared cause when i become a mod you will be fired 

Church Pastor GIF by John Crist Comedy

I would resign if you ever become a mod (jk)


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