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Dua & Meghan “Sweetest Pie” (official music video)


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Pop-a-911-ster 32,605

I have watched the video several times and for some reason it feels like it has everything to work (a story-line, huge budget, two big stars) and somehow still doesn't. The ideas are great but feel like too much, and it all goes too fast and it gets real choppy. It starts off great and with a sexy vibe and then it just spirals into something quite creepy really fast, which I understand is on purpose but for me it doesn't work. Maybe I'm just biased against Dua? idk 

The song is okay, was expecting a lot more from this duo. 

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Moderator 4,648
On 3/11/2022 at 9:53 PM, ProjectJoanne said:

Omg I love EVERYTHING about it! I saw Dua Lipa last Tuesday in Minneapolis and I’ve been so hyped for this! 🔥

Yaaaasssss! I hope you had a blast! I cant wait to see her :D

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