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I'm not supposed to talk about this but... (BTWB)


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ARTPOPster 2,173


Bobby's tried to stop the people that have these to not leak them online and he did a very good job. 

The whole entire show from the San Jose concert in California was recorded through the screen projections and has a soundboard recording to go with it, all in 1080p.

The Rio De Janeiro concert was professionally filmed but scrapped due to it raining and the outer ring of the part of the stage not functioning properly. This is supposedly for a documentary where she recorded many times during the tour which is supposedly what was going on during this video here:


I also know that 20 minutes of one of the Las Vegas shows were professionally recorded as well.


One of the people I believe that have these are GagaFrontRow, that's why they posted this during Leak Weak, they definitely have access to pro screen footage as they're the ones that leaked the whole Philly show of the Monster Ball:


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i read "btwb" and saw your profile picture and just KNEW this would have anything to do with any kind of btwb videos :fall:

i really wonder how bobby prevented the videos from leaking or being spread around. like, what would he do, if they were all over? sue people? renegade renegade? like if they were to leak, everyone would put them up everywhere. would he sue that many people?

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