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  1. It varies throughout the GP - people use all sorts of methods to determine good movies. Numbers, critics, user scores, actors etc. Imo, user scores are the most accurate because it’s actual people going to go see the film giving their opinion and you have a better understanding on if you’ll like it or not. You don’t get that understanding by listening to a few critics, voting committees or some YouTubers.
  2. If there’s one video that manages to nearly encompass the vivid, early Lady Gaga aesthetic, it’s 2009’s “Bad Romance.” Part Kubrickian techno-horror, part avant-garde fashion show, and part Michael Jackson dance homage, “Bad Romance” — directed by Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games, I Am Legend) with art direction by the singer’s own Haus of Gaga — spills her unfettered imagination all over the screen. There’s a loose narrative about Gaga being abducted by supermodels and sold to the (very handsome) Russian mafia before she exacts her fiery revenge, but it’s easy to overlook it for all the gloriously bespoke details: the razor-blade sunglasses, the latex wolf suits, the Alexander McQueen heels, the jerky, “Thriller”-derived choreography. It’s an unholy, head-spinning collision of style, sex, and showbiz that’ll have you saying, Rah, rah, ah-ah-ah. —J.F. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-music-videos-1194411/lady-gaga-bad-romance-2-1196176/
  3. Rolling Stone - Greatest Music Videos (All Time) 1. Formation ————————— 32. Hotline Bling 33. Bad Romance what in the actual hell
  4. The weakest link is one of the Jared scenes. They made a mistake while shooting. One shot he only has his right arm up, in the next shot we see him from behind and he’s holding a lit cigarette in his left hand and his right hand is N/A personally this sort of stuff p*sses me off and I notice it straight away but it’s not a problem for most people so who cares. Just a bit lazy.
  5. Tell me you’re a boomer without telling me you’re a boomer.
  6. No High School Musical 2 for Summer No Sound of Music for Spring
  7. Everyone keeps saying this so if y’all jinx it for me. you know damn well one of the judges is gonna rate it a 1 to defy everyones expectations 1!1!!1
  8. Billie Bossa Nova, Oxytocin and GOLDWING all stunning.
  9. The second track on billies new album is literally disgusting omg WHAT IS RHAT NOISE
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