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  1. DAMN. Disappointing that the gheys don’t understand Woman’s World is an unserious lil bop. I’ll be having this one on LOOP, but I don’t see it clicking with the GP.
  2. Honestly this song hasn’t aged - like that breakdown is C U N T
  3. Also the new Kesha song isn’t PERFECT but it’s a nice return to form - it’s like Tove Lo made a song for a circus in the most complimentary way possible.
  4. It’s a mild bop so agreed. I expect it to grow on me in the autumn months tbh. That’s always Lana season
  5. If any other swiftie pressed play on ttpd and enjoyed it they are delulu
  6. Literally so tired of this spammery The way she is rushing is actually cringe and I don’t understand why she can’t just take some time and work with fresh producers Camila literally dropped a better album than her. What is 2024 even
  7. Who the hell cares? Katy has more talent than Chappell and Sabrina combined let alone Gaga who stomps on all 3. History will not remember nespresso or cold to go
  8. Both charli and lorde have no.1 almost diamond smashes sooo they are same level to me also charlis song boom clap is basically 2014 as a song
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