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Gaga costume designer exposes Trump supporter Haus member


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The Fame Popster 428

Yikes. The first person that comes to mind is Richy, but I guess it could be someone else...

I wonder if there will be any fallout from this? Gaga seems like a "hate the sin, not the sinner" type of person, so who knows

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The Popster 177
13 minutes ago, Doot said:

First Gaga's dad and now probably Richy. :pillow:

Will this mean Gaga's gets a new choreographer? 

Honestly...I doubt it. They've been together for way too long that I couldn't see it happening unless this leads to a build up of something else.

I could see her getting an assistant though that would take over most of Richy's stuff, kind of like what he did with Laurieann.

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Moderator 6,288

I unfollowed Richy on Twitter a couple days back because I noticed he was following this other well known POC Trump supporter. Hopefully it’s not him tho :tea:

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Popster to Popster 3,889
Just now, ImTired16 said:

He's done literally nothing. I dont get the delusion. 

Trumpers just say that about anything. "He's done more for ____ than any president" like, with no actual proof. In reality, he's done the WORST/back tracked us for most of these situations :awkney:

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