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Rock’s Revival in the 20s decade

alejandro by lady gaga

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The Fame Popster 264

I really don’t like the term “revival” because it implies the genre was dead which is just not true. The same way that disco and 80s sounding synth pop and dance pop has had like 234 revivals in the past decade, when really these genres are ALWAYS present. 

Just delve into everything outside of top 40. 

And to be fair Plastic Hearts only has like 3-5 really pop rock sounding songs (WTFDIK, PH, NC, BK, HM) and the rest are more pop, disco songs or ballads. So for rock truly to be the dominant sound it can’t be watered down imo. But I guess the subtle influences can always make a mainstream resurgence. Here for it 

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Hum I wouldn't say PH is rock it's a pop album influenced by some 80s rock, folk, disco vibes. It's an amazing album to me but I wouldn't say it's rock.

Like Lady Gaga never recorded any original song that is pure rock. Only some pop rock music


To be truly honest I don't think any pop star could do a real pure rock album mainly because those artists are hold by their labels to make pop music that need to sell and be played on pop radios.

I highly doubt we'll get anything deeper in rock that what we already got in her discography (unless she's featuring on a rockstar album)

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ARTPOPster 2,177
1 hour ago, Delusional said:

Sorry if it came off as dragging - it’s just that i knew someone might of replied saying “oh yeah like plastic hearts” and I didn’t want to let them down by saying I wasn’t a fan :katy:

B- But gurl, why would you even need to reply in the first place- What? :dead:


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Deactivated 14,311
8 hours ago, gagarrhea said:

I love me some rock (even emo stuff yes) so yes I'd love to see it come back! New jack swing too :happydance:

SAME! I would love a 30 Secs to Mars Collab!

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